Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Second Rule of Awesomeness


- Appropriate to say when your row boat has sprung a leak...not appropriate to say after you have just submitted a proposal!

The Second Rule of Awesomeness is: Wishing must be accompanied by a well prepared strategy.

I am all for the part in the movie where our well intention hero catches a break. I love the story of the underdog, I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a break and I think nice people usually finish first (no offense Billy Jo Armstrong).

Save your prayers for catastrophes that are out of your control!

If you prepare well, know your target audience and present your solution honestly; you have done all you can. It is important to get in where you fit in and to dedicate your time and effort accordingly.

In earnest, there is either a grounds for partnership or there is not. You are a good fit for a job or you are not. Your team will either play well enough to win or they won't....actually, praying and sports go hand-in-hand...scratch that last point!

Far too often we try to force things professionally. A few things to consider:
* If a position does not fit your true skill set...do you really want it?
* If a company is a bad prospect, they will be an even worse customer.
* Pretending to possess skills you do not can only lead to exposure and failure.

One of the greatest faults of business profitability measured by metric driven activity is the lack of concern for synchronicity. The thought being that if we meet with enough companies ultimately one of them is bound to say YES.....(on what grounds?).

It is much better to plan your time, effort, energy and resources in dedication of the pursuit of meaningful opportunities.


For far too long I lived a double existence - work hard/play hard! The problem was that the personality that made me fun to be around outside of work was put aside in the morning to fulfill expectations of others in pursuit of a professional demeanor....

There does not have to be a divide between work and play.....Be Yourself!
* If you put on a tie, comb your hair and pretend to be an expert - you will be exposed!
* If you pretend to like soccer to impress your boss - you will be exposed!
* If you read books you dislike - you are disingenuous
* If you do not voice your disapproval at critical decision making milestones - you are a liar

We need to stop pretending and dedicate ourselves to what is right! We need to stop talking about work and start working. Office politics are only an effort to make up for expertise through manipulation.

Do your talking in the ring! Avoid unnecessary motivational detractors! Have Fun for the right reasons.

Success Matters More When Your Genuine Intent in Fulfilled!

Don't Forget to Remember!



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