Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Fourth Rule of Awesomeness

- if you hear this terminology muttered...guess what....this person CARES what other people think - A LOT!

We are all insecure, we all want to be recognized, we all want our existence validated! Unfortunately, the knowledge of our deep dark secrets seems to have become the fuel for business management.

We can grit our teeth, pound our fist and yell at each other; but these seaming acts of aggressiveness are nothing more than the clinging to the want to be wanted.

You see Salespeople presenting a solution in front of a room of 12 senior executives and you say...I wish I had that type of confidence....guess what? Salespeople are of the most insecure people in any workforce.

Your Manager gives a state of the union address at a company function and you she is really on the ball.....guess what? She talks to herself in the mirror! What a weirdo!

I don't understand why vulnerability cannot be a business strategy. Why we have to put on a suit to express credibility. Why we need to convey professionalism based on the regurgitation of a podcast. Why can't our ideas be our own. Why do we try to be someone we are not to impress others. Why we cannot just admit that we want to be happy...???!

Kovacovich's Hierarchy of Needs:
* Job
* Money
* Music
* Sports
* Beer
* Professional Purpose

We have been humbled in these times of professional struggle....AND IT'S A GOOD THING! We have learned to take delight in the little things, to quit trying to keep up with the Jones' and to endure...this too shall pass.

Smile, Speak Honestly and Allow You to be You as the only grounds by which you should be held to validate your existence!

Don't Forget to Remember!



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