Friday, May 14, 2010

The Fifth Rule of Awesomeness

Do you feel pressure to adjust your acumen around certain people to impress them? Do you change the way you act, dress a certain way or speak in a certain manner to prove your professionalism?


The Fifth Rule of Awesomeness is: Only YOU can determine YOUR success!

The professional world can be very confusing. Everyone just wants to do the right thing. With good intentions and open minds we are susceptible to ideas, measures for success and the organizational culture that creates them.

Unfortunately, many organizations cultures are fractured. I believe this to be a measure of:
* Uncertainty of Performance Metrics
* Poor Leadership
* Misguided Motivation
* Lack of Candor

Fixing the Whole:
  • If you are told to go on 6 client meetings a week but do not get a further explanation as to the larger organizational intent of this directive - Your Management Team Sucks!
  • Far too often a message comes from organizational thought leaders, gets watered down and when it hits the people in the trenches they are told to carry it out without a conveyed grander purpose.
  • It is difficult to find the goal line wearing a Knight's helmet.

What Can You Do As a Contributor:
* Set goals for yourself that exceed that of your management team
* Develop a personal purpose in accordance with company core values
* Let only the look in the mirror be the measurement of your success
* Ignore the self preserving behavior of others

What Can Leaders Do:
* Be Honest
* Encourage Results don't Discourage Effort
* Interpret the CEO's goals to the field in a way that makes sense to their personal directives

We all appreciate the opportunities afforded us. But, our genuine intent is destroyed when someone looks us in the eye, promises their full effort and does not deliver. We can all live with and learn from miscalculation but lack of effort through a disregard for another's goals is cowardly!

Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish! It starts with you!

Know who you are, be confident in that, utilize your unique skills to benefit the team effort and never compromise your integrity. One can never take back the moment they cross the honesty line!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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