Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Bridge or a Wall

I was an early adopter of social media. I've been on LinkedIn for a decade, have written 1,000 blog posts, always enjoyed Twitter for professional reasons and have found new inspiration via Medium.

But, lately it is getting harder. 

The political season has flooded professional avenues with personally damming fits of opinion. It seems the blogosphere is hard-pressed for any authenticity these days. Professional sharing has been replaced by the celebrity rumor mill. 

I know we seem to think that technology is an alternative reality but the two walk hand-in-hand. As goes the social sphere so are the days of our lives. Personally, I tend to stray to the sarcastic when propaganda overwhelms inspiration. 

So... Now What?

With each day we are called upon to replace hatred with positive inertia. We are faced with filing through pages of inauthentic dribble to find a single new idea. We contemplate getting off the grid but wish not to be ill-informed... if for even a few hours.

Should not we propose New Year's Resolutions on July 1st? Is now the season of our discontent? Does anybody remember laughter? Have we forgotten how to love ourselves?

Like my fellow content producers, I am at a loss for distinct strategy in theses love-lorn times. But I can suggest the following:

I know it seems impossible to fathom that for a few hours you could be unavailable (especially if your job depends on it). Again technology reveals life. If you lead a pro-active communication path, nothing is so pressing that you cannot detach from it for an hour or two. I hear so much discontent from people who are bewildered that a family could sit at a table on devices without interacting with one another. I've recently heard complaints that Pokemon Go is destroying the nature of nature walks. In the same way that batteries die so trends come and go. 

Will we get to a point that our devices gather dust?       

What if you took a half hour each morning to research a bunch of new topics... films you have enjoyed, inspirational videos, new writers you might like, a musical adventure yet discovered.... or you could just read a book. 

Let me guess, you cannot spare a half hour on any given morning. Wake up a half hour earlier.

Is there a thing you have aspired to do that you haven't gotten around to.... because you were perusing facebook or watching Gilmore Girls reruns? How much time do you waste doing stupid stuff to distract you from the stress of your life? 

Do people dislike you because you are unable to extend the intent of your opinions across social media? If you replaced the 8 hours a week you dedicate to fantasy football with exercise how much closer would you be to actually playing in the NFL? If you challenged your every devout opinion with the counter-intuitive thinking would you be less of an a-hole? 

Will it take a tragedy to change your life?

Don't Forget to Remember!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Single Most Important Lesson I've Learned

When I graduated college I was so incredibly pumped to get a "real job". Some of my friends struggled to find purpose, but I loved working! I was the first to show up to work and the last to leave. I volunteered for new assignments and always participated in team meetings. I had new ideas and I wanted them to be heard. I was intent upon moving up the ladder. I meant well but I was an enormous pain in the ass!

...Here's Why...

Despite ones intelligence or willingness to work hard, timing and respect are equally important. If you are the fastest player on the field but you don't know when to run, you will fail!

My early career could characterized by misunderstanding. I did not understand the process and my superior officers could not delineate my intention from my purpose. I wanted more than anything to succeed, not for the money, but to contribute to the world. It didn't come off that way.

Don't get me wrong, I was successful! I made a lot of money, my effort and ideas were recognized and people enjoyed working with me. I had far more positive advancements than missteps.

...But, there is one thing I could have done better.

The greatest lesson I've learned in 2 decades in Corporate America:

Do Your Fighting In The Ring!

Over time, I learned to use the word WE more than I (and to mean it). The most successful people I know always put others before themselves. Those who surround themselves with diverse skill sets and invest themselves in developing others are called leaders. I used to think promoting one's self was an act of Leadership....

Leadership is an Act of Servitude

It is so much more beneficial to your career to be a good listener as opposed to a big talker. People gravitate toward people who make them feel welcome. People want to work with people who they know they can trust.

Every great leader I know accepts their role with a certain measure of support; creating a path means walking it first.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Most people I know who talk a lot do so to mask their insecurity. They cannot stand silence because they fear uncertainty will creep into the mind of their audience. They fill every second with noise as if to validate their uncertain thoughts through verbal white boarding.

Each person who walks into a new occupation does so with the intent to prove their worth. NO ONE wants to receive an email, hear a question or take advice from someone who has achieved nothing.

Spiking The Bullshit Meter

I can tell within 10 minutes of meeting someone if they are working an angle. Most people with whom you interface will be overwhelmed if you verbally tackle them upon introduction. People like people who ease their way into conversation. Most people like people who wait until they have something to say before they open their mouth.

We are all insecure. We all sit up at night thinking about what needs to be done to validate our existence. We all just want to contribute.

So.... Why not just perform as well as you can and allow for your results to speak for you?

I can tell you from experience that producing before you promise will help you sleep easier.

Don't Forget to Remember,


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Employee Engagement: Behind The Curtain

It started with a lamp... a logo-ed lamp....

The guys who used to sell class rings out of the trunks of their cars began imprinting corporate logos to belt buckles as a side business. If you performed well, you got a trophy, literally. People appreciated the recognition ! My Dad still has every logo-ed ash tray his company gave him.... even tough he never smoked a single cigarette his entire life.

Times have changed, not as rapidly as one would have expected, but times have changed.

The Starr Conspiracy recently release a comprehensive overview of the "now referred to as" HCM space. The report will serve as a necessary wake up call to some and an astounding "finally" to others. In all their perceptive excellence, SC has spelled out today's reality:

Employee Engagement exists in sub-categories!

The guys/gals who made lamps went on using their purchasing power to buy electronics and such. No one has ever poo poo-ed a pat on the back but a logo-ed lamp never Engaged an employee. Vendors in the space protective of their bread and butter have relentlessly banged the engagement drum without the strategic capital or systems to create it.

Like the Starr Conspiracy, Rodd Wagner entered the Employee Engagement debate with the objectivity of a news beat reporter.

Wagner's research has revealed the hidden truths of employee engagement that those in the warehousing business have failed to consider.

Get Inside Their Heads
The recognition industry circles the manager/employee drain by distributing gift cards as a pat on the back. Poor managers mask their incompetence through micro-management and provide "recognition" to keep their relationships manageable.

Employees don't leave companies they leave managers.

Make Them Fearless
Have you ever hated your job? Boss is reactionary. Strategy is fragmented. Organizational direction is uncertain.

Your stomach turns on Sunday evening dreading the week ahead. You dart to Happy Hour as soon as quitting time comes around. You attend industry events, not to promote your organization, but to look for an alternative.

Life is too short to hate your profession!

The best companies are not concerned with promoting their workplace culture, they allow for organic growth. Internal promotions and word of mouth referrals save companies millions. You don't need to be voted a great place to work... all you have to do is be a great place to work.

Uncertainty kills employee engagement.

Help Them Thrive
People will work for less money if you provide them the autonomy to manage their work schedule.

If we are being honest: results are all that matter.... not where you work or when you work.

TRUST is the #1 driver of Employee Engagement.

If you allow your employees to manage their work/life balance. They will be more productive, healthier and less stressed out.

Knock Down the Silos! Flatten the Hierarchy.

Be Boldly Transparent
What is the future of Employee Engagement?

Picture this:

An employee chooses his/her areas of emphasis: Production Goals, Soft Skill Development, Leadership Development and the ability to find projects that will challenge them to transcend their comfort zone.

Employee Engagement is not about a prize, a platform or a paycheck. There is not a single solution that will make all of your employees happy.

Organizations need to embrace a conglomeration of tools, programs and opportunities for advancement.

It comes down to an employee admitting one universal truth:

I Can Do More Here Than I Can Anywhere Else!

Don't Forget to Remember!


Thursday, May 19, 2016

In Commencement

To The Class of 2016 -
As the world changes you will see opportunity before you and come to understand that YOU can change the world.

There may be things in your mind that seem overwhelmingly important at the moment, they may not be. The minute you walk from the stage and flip your tassel, people will begin to tell you what is not possible, if you listen to them too intently, you will not achieve a thing.

More important than material success, you should hope to find love.



Yes, love may be the one aspiration before you that you cannot will yourself into. It may happen over time or you may miss it because you pretended that someone else was good enough. Life is full of compromises, who you love should not be one of them.

You will put in 70 hour weeks which will create a greater appreciation for the afternoon you ditched work to go to the beach. Practice taking in the sunset for all its simple glory.

Know that people will give you advice because they genuinely care about you... and that others will give you advice to marginalize you... because they are envious of your youth.

If you find a job that you love, your life will be much easier to manage. If you find a job that you hate, you should quit before you get pulled into a life of doing what you dislike out of convenience. Convenience is the enemy!

The life events you have experienced in the last few years may seem trivial but you will look back on them fondly. Life is about to speed up with whiplash intensity. The good news is, you will find a way to slow life down when you learn how to manage your personal and professional priorities.

There are a few things that I've learned since I was your age that have resonated with me:

Just Because People Don't Say "Thank You" Doesn't Mean They Are Not Listening
We are always looking for validation, not necessarily a need for love, but the assurance that we are chasing the right rabbit. The certainty I have discovered is that supporters have a way of remaining silent. I encounter young people who thank me for a seminar I conducted three years ago, people mention blog posts without commenting on them and that guy who challenged me in a meeting may have left that meeting with a lifelong respect for me.

You cannot wait for validation from others to determine if your time is well spent. When you exhibit an unflappable belief in your purpose, your words will discover a life of their own.

What a divine opportunity... to influence others through a well-researched belief in yourself!

Be Humble in Victory and Accountable in Defeat
There are times I've been over-confident at the behest of others, such actions are shameful! There are times I've blamed my lack of results on the inefficiencies of others, equally unacceptable!

The most important lesson I have learned in life is that preparation and skill create victory. Win and celebrate peacefully when you do. There will be times when others let you down, they know they screwed up, don't rub it in!

Find Someone to Love
Your barometer for success should hinge on the hugs you receive. No one will remember the games you won, the deals you crushed or how much dough you made; they will remember the hug you gave them when their mother died.... and how much you meant it.

Find a way to care for people you do not know as much as you care for yourself.

Being in love is hard and each day has it's fair share of challenges. If you avoid the challenge, you might spend your life in the waiting room.

Life is too difficult to brave alone. The measure of your influence will determine to length of your legacy.

Hold the Door for People
Go An Entire Day Without Talking Shit About Another Person
Don't Get Too Big For Your Britches
Eat Healthy
Get Sufficient Rest
Lay Off The Sauce
Treat Women With Respect
Allow Your Husband Some Alone Time
Listen More Than You Talk 
Never Let Anyone Put a Finger in Your Face

Don't Forget to Remember!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Real Crux of Our Conversation

"One's greatest fear in professional life is to be in a position of having energy and ambition but no applicable skills" - Anonymous 

I have the good fortune of working with people of every age: I coach kids, counsel college men and interact professionally with people from 25 - 75 years old on a daily basis.

There is a wonderment in the youth that also exists in people who are 75 years old. There is a pessimism in recent graduates that mirrors the disgruntled man at the conclusion of a mistake-riddled life.

I am always surprised at how receptive children are to adjusting their skill set. I am always befuddled by the frustration I see in people who have their whole life in front of them. I've seldom engaged a corporate leader who didn't wish they had more time to spend on personal engagements.

I sat with a young man a few days back, his head buried in his hands. He was a star athlete throughout his youth, a student leader in college and a person who always had a job. Now, with a degree in hand, he was struggling to find employment. In a world where his effort and intelligence had directly produced results, he was now facing a strange uncertainty....

Could it be that life is unfair?

As the young man wrestled in his mind with how he would afford a nice car, a country club membership and a winter cabin in Lake Tahoe...

I offered one piece of advice:

Simplify your lifestyle expectations and your chances for a life of fulfillment will drastically increase.

Here are the reasons why people become unhappy:
  • They prioritize their profession over their personal life. 
  • They allow themselves to be expendable and are thus delegated meaningless tasks.
  • They give up on romance in life to afford for the more-manageable option.
  • They forget what they are good at because they spend too much time doing things they dislike.

When you embrace these truths... a funny thing happens....

You realize that in all the time you were worrying about stupid shit, all you really needed was for someone to tell you to put the nonsense aside.... and go get what you really love.... what you deserve!

Create an Affordable Lifestyle
When you create a financial plan that is beyond your means you will always be chasing money.

"Don't Chase The Paper, Chase The Dream" - Puff Daddy

How long has your ego provoked you to believe that the things you have define you?

Is it worth it to look sharp on a Saturday night if you are throwing up on Sunday uncertain of how you will pay for your glamour?

Happiness Is Defined By Achievement
There is a difference between happiness and fun. Work doesn't have to be fun but you should have a job that makes you happy.

If the opportunity to achieve is presented and you care enough about what you do....:

You Will Be Successful!

We don't need happy hours or trophy presentations. All we need are goals, new challenges and the ability to ascend!

Go To The Baseball Game
There is a man who makes $500k a year who has never seen his kids compete in youth sports. They don't dislike him but he will not have a chance to go back. 20 years of blood, sweat and tears for a few more stock options is not worth a mind empty of memories.

He/She who dies with the most toys (does not) win!

Don't Forget to Remember!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Will They Miss You When You're Gone?

Remember the scene from Jerry Maguire when he leaves his former employer with an inspired speech confronting the firms lack of integrity? ... and as soon as he walks out the door everyone gets right back to work.

"Everyone is Important, No One is Irreplaceable" - Anonymous Corporate Leader

In my 20 years in corporate America, I've never seen a company go out of business because of one employees departure. I've always cared a lot about the work I do, often too much. I've always jumped into each day with the desire to win. I seldom take Mondays off because I cannot relax if I don't feel I am contributing. I work on vacation (every day). 

It probably sounds pathetic, but I've always felt the need to earn my spot on the team, and to contribute (every day). I never possessed natural talent in any trade but I was always willing to work hard. 

Tempering the desire to win with humility can be a challenge. It is also what defines you as a professional.

Captain Mike Abrashoff once told a story of a ship full of soldiers cheering when their leader left the deck for the final time. His departure marked the end of a miserable time in their lives facing meaningless abuse without intent to progress.  

If you were to reflect on your career, or your life for that matter, there is one glaring question you might want to be bold enough to face:

Will They Miss You When You Leave?

Setting the death aside, let's focus of one's professional legacy....

My professional regrets exist not in failure to achieve goals, but the times I put myself before the team. 

I remember every person who has ever told me "no" in the selling cycle. I remember every time someone sighted a personality flaw to characterize my professional potential. I will never forget the times I have been bullied in the workplace. 

I feel sorry for the the Captain who left the ship to thunderous applause. I feel sorry for those who thought they had to use their undeserved place on the mantle as leverage to vomit their personal frustration. 

Will They Miss You When You Leave?

Jobs will come and go, your children will grow up and some day you will die. You will not be remembered for how many times you won but the integrity you displayed in the process. 

At some point in my life a quote came to me:

"Be Humble in Victory and Accountable in Defeat"

... I still fail to live this ideology. But, I'm working on softening the edges. 

Colonel Abrashoff spoke of leaving the same ship as their captain to complete silence... grown men and women whose lives he had protected... in tears. The ultimate sign of respect!

  • Will your retirement party be under-attended?
  • Will someone whom you had to dismiss from employment hire you years later?
  • Will your daughter forgive you for missing her dance recital?

You Have Plenty of Time to Make it Right!

Tell the people you love that you love them (even if in the moment you don't believe it). Hug your kids, they'll get too big to carry to bed soon enough. Drop what you are doing to advise a co-worker. Blow off your board meeting to watch your son's baseball game. Kiss your wife in a room full of people. Sit silently with your kids when they fail, pump them full of positive feedback when they succeed. Never under-estimate anyone. Never walk into a meeting unprepared. Be respectful of retail workers. Tip your bartender. Get a Dog (they will help soften the edges). If you are pissed off put your I-pod on shuffle (Steve Jobs is in heaven and he knows how to slide a forgotten jewel in there). Read a book (an actual book). Call an old friend. Don't take the actions of the past too seriously.... most people are more forgiving than you may remember. 

You will make mistakes! You will fail! The key is to be one who is surrounded by supporters when you do.        

Will They Miss You When You Leave?

The streets will shut down on the day you die.... 

Will They Be Cheering or Crying?

Don't Forget to Remember!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Without This, Success is Impossible

Every day, we contemplate the best way in which to engage our employees and the metrics to determine the effective nature of the aforementioned.

Should we do a survey, pay for a study or ask an expert for their insight on Best Practices?

We strive to devise a Total Rewards strategy to encompasses fair pay, sufficient flexibility in schedule, a certain amount of perks and some pats on the back to go along with it all..... in hopes that if we pay well and recognize effort, people will love working for us.

This age-old belief system has been disrupted by the fact that each individual is seeking line of vision to professional advancement. More than rewards, people are interested in charting personal progress outside of departmental silos.

The company has a jar full of jelly beans for all to utilize to appreciate one another. If no one cares for jelly beans the jar will go away... because there are better ways to spend money.

Three Things Matter:

What Do YOU Care About?
Personal purpose is more important than any professional goal. If your life is full of love, your professional purpose will be amplified, and failing professionally will have less sting.

Being a workaholic doesn't make you a star performer. There are many people who work long hours just to keep up. The best of the best get more done in less time and require little attention.

What do you really care about:
Vacation with your family?
Rock Shows?

If you neglect yourself of personal fulfillment, all the professional success in the world will not make you happy.

Transparent Ulterior Motives
As a young professional, I was intent on proving that I was right. I was less-concerned with the success of our team and more-intent on proving I had done MY job. No one liked working with me because I was pushy, self-centered and unwilling to allow people to be human on the job. I had no life and I expected my co-workers would hold themselves to similar misguided principals.

I see my younger self in so many people with whom I work these days:

  • Those who wish to prove their worth. 
  • Those who are internally competitive. 
  • Those who are unaware that the only measurement for success is that everyone is equally capable.  

The Calm AFTER the Storm 
The greatest moments in my life are when my heartbeat steadies after a victorious occasion.... The rare occasion when I allow myself to appreciate my life.....

Those few moments when the Merry-Go-Round stops and everything feels right in the world.

With every year, I have more of those moments... not because I am better than I was but because I've allowed myself to accept that victory is an imperfect process.

"...you are still the only thing and everything I need in my life..." 
- Brian Sella

Don't Forget to Remember!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Your Hiring Process Sucks!

A friend of mine recently won the lottery. Well not exactly, but let's just say he lucked-in to a family fortune that put him in a position to never have to work again. He thought about working at the local hardware store, but while the concept seemed compelling, the reality was a bigger headache than staying in corporate america.

He hated his current boss so he quit his high-paying Enterprise sales position. The world was his oyster, he wanted to stay busy, so he figured he'd venture into the world of start up tech.

Pretense: This gentleman had 20 years of sales experience, made Chairman's Club a remarkable 17 times, had worked for just 2 companies over 20 years and knew his marketplace inside out.

So began his experiment of Diving Back In......

Step One: For the first time in 10 years he re-tooled his resume. Unsure if people even read them anymore....?

Step Two: He agreed to work with a sales staffing firm (so his nephew would make $500 when he got hired).

Step Three: He met with one person from his network every day. He knew Senior Vice Presidents from Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce.com, Workday.... all of which offered him a job on the spot, none of which he entertained.

He was about to delve into something far more entertaining.

To his Nephew's credit, he booked him 3 initial interviews within the first week of having his resume on the market.

The hiring process went like this.....

Step One: Fresh-out-of-Jr-College admin calls to read you back your resume and ask questions like:
- What intrigues you about shit.com?
- Why did you leave your former employer?
- Why didn't you list your percentage to quota by quarter on your resume?
- Why do you not have a Facebook profile?
- What's your greatest strength?
- What's your greatest weakness?

Step Two: Talks to a Sr. Sourcer to answer the same questions.

Step Three: Re-Align with Nephew to understand that they "really like your experience" but if you wish to continue in the process you'll need to do the following:
1. Adjust resume to document quarterly quota achievement.
2. Watch 17 Vimeo videos to understand CEO's vision.
3. Write a blog .... on anything really, you just need to improve your KLOUT rating.
4. Provide 3 professional references.

Now he's in the game.... he actually gets to talk to a Sales Manager.

Douchebag Manager: Before we start, why didn't you document your percentage to plan by quarter?

DBM continues.... because your a friend of Jake's (obligatory nephew name), we're willing to chat you up, but your gonna have to bring your A Game.... Bro!

Step Four: You are invited to a Night Club to "display your social skills".

Step Five: You are brought in to give a "preso" on your go-to-market strategy.

Step Six: You get not a callback, an email or tweet regarding next steps in the process.

... the process just ends. No one is the wiser and Shit.com goes about their business.

Step Seven: You buy out 51% controlling interest in Shit.com for $750k and fire everyone!

* The above is based on a true story, names have been changed to protect the ignorant. My friend liquidated the company as a tax write off, douche bag went back to this high school job at the local hardware store and approximately $40K in office "equipment" was donated to volunteers of america.

Unfortunately, many will be facing this process (without lottery winnings in pocket) over the next 20 years.

What's more disappointing is the fact that many companies continue to devalue the hiring process.

The most outstanding candidates are not begging for employment. If you wish to enchant outstanding talent, stop engaging them as if they were auditioning for the Mickey Mouse club!

Don't Forget to Remember!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Ripple Becomes a Whirlpool

Over the past few weeks we have unveiled 4 parts of the Human Development strategy know as Don't Forget to Remember:

Part One: Foundation
Part Two: Deconstruction
Part Three: Re-Composition
Part Four: Unzip Your Soul

... Today we will tie this strategy together.

On May 11th of 2009, I wrote my first blog post thanks to the advising of my friend Darwin Stephenson. I remember hitting "publish", seeing my words on the lap top screen and feeling slightly guilty that I was allowed to share my unedited opinion with the world. I have since published 485 posts on a variety of topics. I've been on a few list of outstanding bloggers but I don't attempt to bring traffic for the purpose of selling anything.

The world is full of hacks and the blogosphere is one of their favorite rest stops. I just enjoy writing about the life I live. I hope my 10 loyal readers have derived some benefit from the grammatically challenged words I've written.

If nothing else, my kids will have a 10 year public journal to reference. I love you Sam & Marley!

I know what it is like to be young and frustrated. I know what it is like to work for people who do not appreciate their employees. I've had so many trials and tribulations in my 20 years in corporate America.... then one day, I decided to do something about it.

For the first 10 years of my career I complained with the enthusiasm of 1,000 men. I loved the company I worked for, I worked 12 hour days and I never stopped thinking about how to improve the organization. But, I couldn't get out of my own way.

When I was at a crossroads in my career there were a few people who were perceptive enough to recognize my motivation.... there were far more people who lined up to tell me what I was doing wrong.

At the peak of my personal and professional frustration, I listened to the album A Grand Don't Come for Free by The Streets. The album concludes with a song called Empty Cans. In this final chapter of the greatest concept album of our time, our narrator plays pessimist and provocateur in two separate breaths. The conclusion.....

YOU control your perception and attitude.... this is determinant of frustration vs. bliss.

Your Fate is Yours to Decide

I stopped blaming other people for my failures, I stopped worrying about being over-looked and I came to realize that life can be unfair (and that's what makes it worth living). The edges got softer and I took control of my success!

People are criticized for their ambition every day... mostly by people who's inability to adapt forces them to halt progress to protect their post.

With success comes comfort. You finally get to breath when you have achieved. It is extremely difficult to get to this stage in one's career. When you get there.... don't allow yourself to get too comfortable.

There are people with extraordinary ideas who will never get recognized for them.

There are idiots who are propped up as leaders through bureaucracy and politics. Don't kiss their asses!

The only measure of success is how true you are to yourself!

  1. Remember what you are good at!
  2. Challenge the norm!
  3. Recreate a self-motivation within a manageable system!
  4. Be Kind in the process......!

This is, the all-encompassing process of.....

Don't Forget to Remember!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chasing Empathy

...If people are exceptionally annoying then giving them the benefit of the doubt may be our life's greatest challenge... 

I once heard a CEO speak of how he was certain he could change the world if it weren't for the people in it. You may recall Daniel Plainview repulsed by the people in his business dealings to the point of murder. Steve Jobs himself was always up-in-arms by human beings inability to engage in forward thinking. 

Let's face it... People are annoying. Unfortunately, they aren't going anywhere. 

If you are unwilling to interact with your fellow man/woman you will starve, your roof will cave in and your car will stop running. People need people to survive.... in order to thrive you'll need to get good at dealing with the human condition. 

When we learn to forgive one another's short comings... when we learn to accept that we are all imperfect... when we learn to collaborate...

We Start Moving Forward!

Surround Yourself With People Who Are Smarter Than You
It's easy to dazzle the less-motivated with a critical perspective. You will always find yourself enabled by the less-gifted, hang out with them long enough and you will sink to their level.

You should acquaint yourself with people who challenge you to think differently, try harder and to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Have A Sense of Humor
When you allow yourself to be offended, you play into your critics plan to derail your progress. If you are brave enough to participate, you subject yourself to criticism.... Better grow some thick skin.

In all moments of adversity it is easy to get yourself so wrapped up in worry that you shut down completely. When you learn to chuckle at your short comings, you learn to move past them!

It's easy if you try!

Be A Person of Trust
Ever notice that you are the last person to find things out? Is that because no one feels comfortable revealing their personal hurdles to you?

Be a good listener. Confirm more than you judge. Remind people what they do well. Help people get out of their own way.

At the very least.... tell a friend it's going to be OK.... even if it's not!

I don't have to remind you that it is easier to stand on the sidelines with arms folded than it is to participate in the game.

Be a Creator not a Destroyer!

Don't Forget to Remember,