Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Ninth Rule of Awesomeness

When business becomes about numbers and not sucks, the cause is lost and people start to hate their job. While revenue drives business, it doesn't have to be our primary, transparent objective.

The Ninth Rule of Awesomeness is: Estimate Impossible Revenue Goals...and Double Them!

It's Friday Afternoon and it's time to put the results of your inspired work into a formula. I don't care what your role might be, revenue always defends effort and can always dispel good intentions.

  • Sales becomes more predictable when we learn how to balance our pipeline
  • Projects get done ahead of schedule when we crunch the numbers weekly and set goals accordingly
  • IT services are rewarded with more work when we meet system capacity goals
  • Managers drive revenue first and only have to shave cost if it doesn't happen

In short, we are all held to a number. Learn to deal with it.

My extended suggestion, however, is to first perfect the process and the numbers will come automatically. If only your pay check inspires you, you will make just enough to get by. It is our purpose that evolves us as professionals:
  • Core Values We can Believe In
  • Metrics for Success that Align with our Abilities
  • Leadership that Inspires
  • A Boss that can Relate

If we have purpose, revenue flows like quarter beer night. With inspired intention the finish line is blurred and we are always evolving. Knowing this, one can set improbable goals and double them. We are only as good as the finish line that we assign ourselves. Without a pin in your shoulder you will not know when the pains ends or pretend to ignore it.

To measure results by the numbers is only a way to validate effort. To work with purpose is to validate one's very existence.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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