Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Own It!

There are two things that upset Thought Leadership in Social Media:
* Bickering
* Compromise

I recently participated in a forum among which our moderator did an amazing job presenting an intriguing topic to the group. My respected colleagues presented their thoughts and experience regarding a touchy subject. As the conversation continued participants misinterpreted postings, called out the author and forced him/her to defend their thoughts. I would like to propose that social media forums are not for pro/con opinion blasting. You document a (well developed) thought pattern and evolve your view based on feedback.

When you reply to a detractor to defend your comments a few things happen:
* You cheapen your original Thought Leadership
* You turn a Philosophical Conversation into a bitch fest
* Those who originally respected your point of view...lose respect!

Please be advised: no one learns from a pointed discussion that ends in 'send me an email and we'll meet for coffee'.

Formatted discussions thrive on rival points:
- You don't have to sight a discrepancy in another's point for them to understand your opposing view point (and to benefit from it).
- You don't have to reply to someone who misinterpreted your advice.
- Those who respect you will understand your point of view.
- Those who misinterpret you will still respect you if you hold your ground.
- If you need validation to a point you are unsure of then why present it?

Proposed Social Media Forum Discussion Strategy:
Post Once

You can evolve a more fully formed thought process based on someone's feedback without an emotion driven public retort. Social Media forums are valuable because they involve real thoughts in real time. Don't cheapen the Thought Leadership Incubator with opinions based in self defensive.

Post, Provide Defensible Thought Leadership and Hold Your Ground!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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