Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Crest

On July 1st, we talked about putting a strategy together for the second half of the year. Now we are staring down the barrel the final quarter of the 2010.

It's Go Time!
* Are you @ your quota?
* Have you gotten closer to securing your dream job?
* Are you prepared for the season ahead?

It is in these moments that a person's character is defined:
Do you thrive under pressure or cower in indecision?

You are at the crest of a can either drop in and surf it or let it swallow you up. It is in the critical moments that decisions are made, hard work is rewarded and coulda/shouldas start to rear their head. The next four months can catapult you into success or drop you into the unemployment line...what are you gonna do?

Here are a few tips that will help you 'drop in':
1. Confidence matters most
2. The key to time management is knowing what not to do
3. Get rid of categories

Dry and Secure
How do you carry yourself? With chest out and quick steps or with eyes down?
People can smell indecision from a mile away. If you don't have answers to questions, opinions to differentiate a strategy and evidence to back it up; you are not ready to advise anyone.
* Study Every Day
* Know what your product means to a prospect's strategy
* Articulate it

Don't Do It
When I hear someone say, "I'm too busy". It means they are doing a lot of unnecessary work. We get entrenched by a task list and perform said tasks out of habit. We fail to ask what these mundane nuances of the work day mean to our organizational strategy. As such, we are cast in a supporting role forever.
* Have a Personal Strategy
* Let Business Critical Initiatives Drive Your Behavior
* Don't Be Afraid to Question the Business Relevance of your Task List

The Past is Past
Often our motivation is driven by our precept ion of what is possible. Our metrics for possibility being the actions of those who came before us. Don't let that which has been deemed impossible be a deterrent to your goals for extraordinary achievement. Do Better!

You are at the crest of a wave...when you feel doubt creeping in, punch it in the face...allow not your insecurity to surface. Remember your achievements and let them empower you. Understand where you have fallen short and learn from your mistakes. The past is past, no one can determine your results today. You can achieve ANYTHING! Listen to no one who tries to curtail your effort because they were afraid to 'drop in'. Listen to everyone who tells you, you are capable of anything!

We Can Do This!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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