Friday, August 13, 2010


Early in my career I was a disaster. I was full of energy, emotion, good intentions, and a competitive drive to succeed. My problem? I didn't know how to direct any of it. I was driven but not confident. I was motivated by all the wrong things and my drive to advance was merely a cry for help!

My lack of personal strategy caused me to consistently act without purpose.

As the Avett Brothers once said: "Decide What to be and go be it"!

That's the trick: To understand how to be brilliant and to let that be your guiding light. This while devoting as little energy as possible to the things that serve as needless distractions.

In the aforementioned directionless quest, I pushed and pushed, hoping my tireless effort would yield results. It did...hard work always pays off. But, I had become my own worst enemy and projected my insecurity on to those who surrounded me.

At some point, I discovered that I didn't have to leap into action when given a directive. It was more beneficial to put a plan in place before taking action. Ultimately, I found a way to put most of my energy into what I wanted to do and very little energy into that which I didn't want to do. I became more successful, more happy and more fun to be around.

The Key: I took the emotion out of my work.

This is not to say I don't get fired up when I win or upset when I lose. I am also sympathetic to an employee who has fallen on hard times. I simply learned to stay level headed as it applies to the mundane detail of things. I concentrate on that which is relevant to the productive elements of my job and ignore that which detracts from it.

Each day you make a choice to love your job or to hate it. It all comes back to that which you choose to devote yourself to. If you get hung up on a small detail and allow it to ruin your day; you have lost an opportunity to grow and prosper. When you discover the ability to assess a situation before you react your energy flow will remain positive, your day will be great and you will be happy!

Take control with good intentions and paint the day in your favorite color.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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