Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eliminate Self Imposed Bravado

In a recent interview I indicated that I had vowed to keep my mouth shut during the first year of my employment at my new company:

The host was pleasantly enthused but sighted the need of many professionals to establish themselves within the first 90 days of their employment.

I have two observations from my time in silence that may dispel one's need to knock the door down on their first day:
1. The unapologetic self promoters seem to instantly rub most people the wrong way.
2. Without proven results your musings of the past are nothing more than 'glory day' stories.

I would never encourage one to be a recluse or to keep themselves from engaging in organizational directives. What I am suggesting, however, is that you let your results speak for themselves without touting your achievements.

People admire a person who is humble in their success!

If you are always bragging about your success...when the results dip (and they will) you will turn your bravado into excuses and will be an intolerable person to be around.

I was a voluntary leader in my former organization. I consistently threw my hand up to speak on behalf of the team, I challenged Senior Management and I thought I was admired for doing so...I was not! In fact, there may have been a lot more heads shaking than nodding when I got up on my apple box to preach the team's discontent.

Let's Cut the Crap:
It is insecurity (not confidence) that causes one to think he or she needs to prove themselves to others.
* In allowing yourself to be vulnerable you will open your network to a team of admirers.

Who are you more willing to help:
Someone who asks a question and then retorts that they 'already tried that'...
Someone who genuinely appreciates your advice and applies it!

Dear Readers,
It is imperative that we get to a point of eliminating our bravado. You do not need to prove yourself beyond the results you produce in your daily conquering of your workload.
- If you excel and tout your achievements you cheapen your victories.
- If you fail and try to make up for it with office politics...the crack in the dam opens the flood gates to unemployment.

All of the lessons I am conveying in the UNZIP YOUR SOUL blogcast are a result of my own failures. I urge you to learn from them, try something different and let me know how it works out for you. I do not want you to have to pretend to be a success as I thought I did.


- Dave


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