Thursday, October 29, 2009

Know Who You DON'T Want to Be....

In the first three chapters of this Blog Series I have asked you to do some self analysis, discover your true motivation and submerge yourself in a divine professional purpose. A critical step is finding out who you want to be when you grow up is first understanding who you DON'T want to be.

Eliminate the Self Imposed Bravado of Professional Politics !

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are there tasks in my workload that will cause my to act out of character?
2. What personal strain will I face without a higher professional purpose?
3. How can I interpret the tasks I have been given to better MY genuine professional intent?

When you have the answer to the above mentioned questions it is vital to consider the following before acting:

1. Consider your audience
2. Redirect in a pro-active, non-confrontational way
3. Have a suggestion for something better, the business critical data to back it up and a genuine conviction to execute YOUR plan

Dear Reader,
I speak with the anguish and regret of self-imposed professional detriment when I tell you: Fighting the power worked for Chuck D. and Flava Flav, but I assure you it will not work in the workplace. The way to change the course of your organizational directives is by having a more innovative plan, easing it into existence and making sure to promote it in congress with leadership.


Corporate Directive: Producing Revenue
Task: Cold Calling
Intent: More meetings = more revenue
Your Malcontent: "I hate cold calling"

Personal Re-directive: Producing Revenue
Task: Prospecting via Email and Social Networking Tools
Intent: Meaningful connections take time to develop. Put credibility first through well fashioned emails, blog entries and forum participation.
Your Contentment: Rock your I-pod while on your lap top, avoid awkward conversation and book meaningful appointments

See how easy that was!

* Every company has to produce revenue to survive...simple fact.
* Your boss has directives just like you...simple fact.
* He/she will use metrics that have assisted the company's best performers in the past with which you might not identity.
* If you can RE-DIRECT the process while still producing results, I assure you all will be cool at the local Circle K!


1. You can make the worst job great by recreating a process to meet YOUR skill set!

2. You can make the best job shitty by allowing self-imposed stress to stray your motivation to the disingenuous!

3. Many times we think we hate our company because we misinterpret rules 1 & 2!

Disclaimer: You do not have to be self-centered to know what you want out of your profession!

Unzip Your Soul,


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