Friday, November 20, 2009

The Bridge - Personal Branding & Company Loyalty

I attended a seminar yesterday that introduced Social Media to a group of HR Professionals. I must admit, most were skeptical.
The concerns:
* Lack of Policy Compliance
* Fear of Navigating HR Guidelines
* Misunderstanding of Brand Development vs. Tarnishment

In short, why would we open this can of worms? Many attendees were over 40 and served in administrative roles. They were there to understand how to regulate Social Media participation.

Guess What? There is no such thing as Social Media Compliance!

If you want to manage INDIVIDUALS that work for your organization only one thing matters:


As personal brands rival company loyalty, your company can be elevated or tarnished based on your approach to Social Media.

Choice 1: Try to regulate and watch your brand fizzle...

Choice 2: Empower and Escalate Company Loyalty!

Rules and Regulations are easy. Draw a line in the sand and allow no one to cross without a demerit. That time is gone. Organizations now have to invest in their people beyond standards, best practices, rules and regulations.

Yes. The time has come to take down your guard and truly invest in HUMAN RESOURCES.

Here's a few ideas to build the trust tree:
* Allow Social Media to be part of your work day in promotion of your organizational initiatives.
* Formulate an empowering Social Media Strategy not Social Media Standards

I know it seems impossible to put your company name in the hands of the people who work for you but it has been happening as long as you have existed. If people love your company they wear your logo to stadiums on Saturday, speak your name at Mom's Groups and promote your cause in their every human interaction.

Take away the trust and your company brand will be disparaged on bar stools across the land, in social media networks where one comment can reach 600,000 people globally in a second, at trade shows and industry events.

Is your Alumni Club a Group of Advocates or an Army of Detractors?

Second Most Popular Question in any Social Interaction:
What do you do? (professionally)

Trust is the bridge from Personal Branding to Company Loyalty!

Formulate a strategy for human empowerment and watch your company grow!

Unzip Your Soul!



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