Monday, November 16, 2009

Inventing Your Method

Rules, Objectives, Goals, Quotas, much say do you have in that which serves as your daily motivation?

Wouldn't it be great if you made the rules?

We all have to work within certain parameters. There are rules of engagement and mundane tasks along the way. However, there is one thing we are in charge of OUR METHOD!

Your attitude and perception formulate your METHOD:

* If you wake up side tracked by what tasks await you when you fire up your lap top - your day will suck.

* If you know when you hit the office that you are going to be forced to do things you don't want to - your day will suck.

* If you let little disruptions side track your motivation - your day will suck.

On the Contrary:

- If you wake up, pump out a few push ups, look yourself in the mirror and say: "Today is the Day" - your day is within your control (yes, this works).

- If you fill your mind with thoughts of what you can achieve today when you are prepping - you will race out the door.

- If you take the elements of what you love most and find a way to apply them to your job - you will move through the day with greater intent.

It all sounds hokey and it is easy to be pessimistic. But the other way works better. You don't have to be a cheese ball to have a great attitude and once you embrace that you never stop moving forward.

Think about it.....

When you change lanes to get through traffic how much time do you really save?

When you yell at the Barista because she got your order wrong do you feel bad about it when you exit?

When you shoot a seething email to your support team and read it back later, do you wish you would have worded it differently?

Anyone can be an asshole! It is exceedingly difficult to find the positive in things, embrace it and use it as fuel to help others....but once you get it right, you want to do it again and again.

I make a living of helping people and there are days when I hate everyone. But, I have to remind myself that we all need to help one another to get through our struggles, endure and succeed:
- Yes, it is very hard.
- No, we do not often receive thanks for our efforts.
- But, if you understand you have done the right thing it makes everything easier.

Tomorrow, wake up with determination: Do a few push ups, talk to yourself in the mirror, develop ideas for improvement as your first thoughts, dress sharply, move out the door with determination and try to be positive in all your human transactions.

If you can do it for ONE DAY, you can do it for the Rest Of Your Life!

Invent YOUR Method!

Unzip Your Soul,

- Dave


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