Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Redefining Innovation

i-phones, touch screens, the latest in social networking tools, handheld personal identifiers. What comes next and how do we keep up? How can we gain knowledge to endure, adapt and stay on the cutting edge...?

It is a simple fact that we all enjoy knowing things others don't. So the quest to have the new thing before anyone else and the empowerment of fresh product knowledge has come to define innovation. I, however, define innovation with a fresh perspective and a meaningful way of sharing it. It really is not contingent on a widget so much as a perspective.

How fresh is your perspective?

A few things to ponder:
* People are more important than products
* A widget means nothing if you fail to understand it's differentiating capacity
* To find new perspectives one must stretch his/her mind beyond systematic function

So here are a few tips that might help gain a fresh perspective:

* Conceptualize a new idea and gather input from others to better qualify your vision

* Speak to people in a humanly empathetic manner

* Be Nice

7 Steps to Innovation Sensation:
1. Think of something new; every day
2. Ask people what they think about it
3. Formulate a Vision
4. Be Empathetic in your Communication
5. Be Nice
6. Learn
7. Start Over Tomorrow

* Note: There is no device, machine, copy write or certification that is perfectly necessary to achieve the aforementioned.

Might it be said that innovation is not so much about moving forward with blinders on but finding new ways to engage others....in this case the cutting edge (or long forgotten) methodology of being friendly in your human interactions.

Go now and change the world by making it a better place!

Don't Forget to Remember!

- Dave


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