Monday, October 5, 2009


Professional advancement often comes by way of personal reflection. So a few years back I did some soul searching hoping the redefine my professional intent. I came to author the following mission statement:

It’s been a myth for far too long that the professional accolades we seek should be of a separate energy from our personal interests. It is supposed that if companies manage by numbers, managers implement systems of efficiency and stocks grow…business will prosper. But, we have come to a point in business where big ideas drive innovation and the race for the prize has never been more competitive. It is no longer enough to follow a model and track presumed success accordingly. The inspiration to excel is driven by our passion and our passion can only be revealed if we are truly honest in our pursuit of success. No more punching a clock, looking over your shoulder and doing just enough to keep from getting fired……..It’s Time to Unzip Your Soul!

So dear reader, I invite you to join me for another 10 week blog series. This time around it is incumbent upon you to ask yourself - "who do I want to be when I grow up"....I hope I can help you figure it out.

Open your heart and mind, put away your baggage, unzip your soul.

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