Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The formula is simple:
That which interets you outside of work > can motivate you at work > and will drive a professional passion that will enhance your career and personal life:

***Thus, creating a non-distinct synergy between your personal and professional passion that will help you LIVE WORK!

It started with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and evolved into the World at Work Compensation model.....I now challenge you to take it a step further.

It is time for some personal exploration:
What do you love?
Why do you love it?
How can you apply that passion to your professional life?

I had spent ten years of my life climbing the corporate ladder. At a certain point, two things became glaringly obvious:
1. Everything I did was to fulfill the expectations of others
2. There was no light at the end of the tunnel

In my personal exploration, I asked myself the above mentioned questions and decided that I needed to stop living for others because my bravado was consistently causing me to act out of character. I also realized that I was intolerable to be around because the personal blockades I had erected were causing me to deflect blame for my lack of success. I bitched and did disingenuous work and put another check on this list and asked for more responsibility and bitched some more when given what I asked for.....a shameful and meaningless existence; created by me...the emptiness of misdirection sharply condemned with contempt for reality. At a certain point, I realized I was living a distinctly different life at work than at home. Exciting and Interesting on the barroom floor - intolerable and inauthentic in the cubicle.

It was amazingly difficult for me to come to this self-realization. To give up on the company I spent most of my young career in complete loyalty to, to re-direct my motivation, to channel my competitive nature in a collaborative manner and to realize that people I thought I hated were right about me.

So now, I present this challenge to you. It is time to figure out who you want to be and go be it.

I can suggest the following in your search for your Genuine Intent:
* Be willing to accept that you might not have the perfect job
* Assess what you really want out of life and how the work you are doing relates to that
* Be willing to redefine your job description
* Find a way to make YOUR goals your driving motivation
* Be genuine in your expectations of yourself
* Above all, be what you want and how you pursue it

You can have your cake and eat it fact, there is no other way to live!

Unzip Your Soul

- Dave

How are you progressing -

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