Thursday, September 24, 2009

Employee Engagement 2010: Part 10


We all know that taking care of our employees is of the utmost importance. Through the recent economic downturn, companies seem to have kept focus on that. While we are tasked with doing more with less those who have accepted the challenge of multi-hat business contribution are seeing rewards now that our collective heads are above water.

Oprah sent her employees on a million dollar cruise, but this seems to be an exception to the rule in 2009. In fact, a recurring trend has developed in our time of economic conservation:

Businesses have become humble in their success
- Rolex's are being replaced with Live Strong wristbands
- Mercedes are parked to jump into fuel efficient vehicles
- Dynamic office structures are being downsized to conserve energy

Less expendable capital has made businesses more aware of their expenses and thus more aware of the world around them:
- Green initiatives save the environment and a significant amount of money
- Community service raises awareness and re-directs emerging profits
- Safety initiatives are now a measure of dedicated process efficiency, instead of a banner on the wall; with the genuine intent of saving lives

We have seen the misfortune of the last few years and we understand that we do not need what we thought we did

So how does this effect the way we reward our work force:
* Professional intent is guided by larger 'time off' is less important
* Bonuses are willingly delegated to charity
* Simple mementos mean more than the flaunting of professional dominance

Dale Carnegie's 2nd Rule for Becoming a Friendlier Person is:
Give Honest, Sincere Appreciation
* The operative words being Honest & Sincere
- This means: know your audience and reward accordingly!

It is not the value of the gift that matters but the effort put forth to achieve it & the intent behind rewarding it!

So allow me to wrap a beautiful bow around this blog series:
* Appreciate Early and Often
* Deliver a Meaningful and Heartfelt presentation to award winners
* Allow a Diversity of Reward Options
* Present an Equal Opportunity for Recognition
* Globalize Your Recognition Strategy
* It is better to personally invest in your people than to throw money at them

People are accepting what they have and maximizing it!

We are getting back to work with genuine intent...For the first time in a while we are invested in our company mission, living our core values, and putting our own profit aside to help turn this thing around.....TOGETHER!

Don't Forget to Remember!

- Dave



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