Friday, October 23, 2009


In chapters 1 & 2 we examined the often misguided intent of many organizations and encouraged you to find a more personal professional purpose. Now it's time to put the dream into action.

Here's what we know:
1. That which you have been force fed as corporate leadership may just be pandering for middle management preservation
2. The things you love outside of work can be that which propels you professionally

Now what.....?
What do you think about when you wake up each day?
- Was that my Blackberry I heard buzzing at 4am?
- When I trudge into the office today what disaster will be awaiting me?
- Is it Friday Happy Hour yet?

If this is the way you feel you have two choices:
1. Quit your job
2. Find a way to redefine your goals within the context of your current job description

The first option is a last resort. Let's try to find a way to make Chicken Salad out of what may currently be perceived as Chicken Shit!

Disclaimer - Any job can be really great or really bad based on the following:
1. Love for your Boss
2. Identification with Senior Management
3. Your Belief in the Company Vision (and it's relevance in your day to day job)
4. The Scalability of Your Job Description

If you have the mutual respect of your boss, understand organizational metrics for success, believe the company vision elevates a higher purpose and have some wiggle room in your ability to apply solutions to needs; then proceed to stage 2.


Our Suspect:
Jim loves skateboarding. He is 35 years old but he still enjoys bombing hills, ripping back kick flips out of the skatepark bowl and hitting the occasional 6 step handrail.

The problem:
Jim has kids, a car and a mortgage to pay for and the Bones Brigade have taken all the well paying corporate action sports jobs.

What is the energy behind skateboarding that makes Jim love it:
* Physical exercise
* Creativity
* Rebellious nature (unapologetic innovation)
* The wind is his hair (free spirit)

Dream Job:
Action and Adventure Corporate Team Building

See how easy that it's your turn.

Ask yourself the following questions:
1. What do I love most in the world?
2. What is the energy behind that which I love?
3. How can I apply it to my professional life?
4. What job title best fits that which I love most and what applicable skills do I have?
5. Which company is in line with the aforementioned and who do I know there?
7. What education, certification or job experience do I need to redefine my career path?
8. How long will a career overhaul take?
Apply the following principles:
9. Create a long term strategic game plan and remind yourself of it weekly!
10. Remind yourself of your dream job; every day!
11. Ask yourself: Do I have the balls to be genuinely happy??? or do I relish my misery???

Guess what? You just Unzipped Your Soul - the rest is a matter of intent driven action.

" bold and mighty forces will come to your aid..."
- Frances McDormand (from Almost Famous)

- Dave


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