Friday, August 30, 2013

The Fruits of Our Labor

It's Labor Day Weekend! The beer is cold, the weather is warm, the grill is ready, College Football is starting and we've got Monday off work. It's a good time to be an American!!!

It is time to celebrate the fruits of our labor. Have you earn it?

This weekend take a minute to reflect.....

Do You Love Your Job?
The boomerang of Reciprocity has never swung with such vigor!

Dear Readers, the Great Recession is over! It's your time now! No longer can employers play the "your lucky to have a job" card. No longer can your Manager mistreat you without being exposed to millions in Social Media. In fact, soon-to-retire CEOs are looking for thought leadership from the trenches to ensure their legacy is intact. Everyone matters and everyone should be treated fairly.

As you smash through the office doors this afternoon, what is your mindset?

Are you launching into the weekend full of pride in your professional life? Do you love the company that you represent? Can you put sunscreen on your children this weekend with a feeling of absolute achievement?

Are you celebrating collective progress to make the world a better place?

Or.....are you trying to outrun your shitty professional life for a few days?

Do You Work Harder Than Anyone You Know?
There is a premise in the professional world that performance reviews should go away. That's not going to happen! Your company needs to document your performance (or lack there of) in the event that they need to fire you. Performance reviews are always demotivating because we focused on the one and only 4 out of 5 on our score sheet. Performance reviews over-shadow our achievements and they invite criticism where there should be praise.

Performance reviews suck: You have a job to do....if you don't do will be fired....sign here.

Of course, I am a proponent of praise over criticism. But, Rules are can't suck at your job and keep it because people like you. You cannot crowd source performance! People love Tim Tebow, let's see how his fate shakes out!

The boomerang swings both ways!

Have You Forgotten How To Love Yourself?
This weekend I will sit on my deck and analyze my performance. I will thank God for my good fortune and then I will begin to think about what I can do better.

Only you know how great you really are. Only you know the days you've given less than your full effort, how many times you hit the snooze button and if the words you profess are based in authenticity.

How others view your performance means should always expect more of yourself than anyone else does. You should always ignore scores that don't align with the reality only you know to be true!

Celebrate....Reflect....and Celebrate some more: Because You Deserve To!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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