Monday, August 5, 2013

Make It Easy

There are not enough hours in the day. We often avoid situations for fear of discomfort. Sometimes we wake up at night with the feeling that the world might end. Then we take action...and everything gets better!

I had recently advised a group of young people of their plight to set expectations for themselves greater than those of their predecessors. It is easier to avoid misguided advice if the advice you give yourself is of a higher standard. We have seen that the lack of motivation in human beings is more often an affect of boredom than a disinterest in a challenge.

Do you ask more of yourself than others do?  Does following procedure seem to marginalize your greatness?

Our challenge is not to debunk the system but to sustain and overcome. I have lived in the trenches for 15 years, so I don't need to reference a survey or quote an "expert". Let me reveal to you life's great certainty:

To doubt oneself is healthy. To give up empowerment is a crime!

A Line Around the Block
I commonly refer to the following split scenario....

Post This: "Tell Me What I Am Doing Wrong?"
Inevitable Reaction: People will line up around the block to submit criticism. Whether they know you or not, they will relish the opportunity to crush your spirit.

Post This: "I Need Help"
Inevitable Reaction: Feedback will be sparse and uncertain.

....a good way to discover who your real supporters might be.

Don't Pile On
If everyone else is willing to project their dissatisfaction upon you, why would you add to the madness?

With every ounce of uncertainty comes an opportunity to discover your greater potential. It is not OK to put pressure on yourself to the extent that you cannot perform.

Are you honest about the moments that lack clarity? Are you validating criticism or proving your critics incorrect?

Take Inventory
Are you stressed out because you are annoyed? The things that annoy us are actually very easy to avoid.

Ask Yourself: Is your frustration driven by life altering experiences or has human error fueled your discontent to disabling degrees?  

When we allow others to determine our fate, we give away power. Sometimes the answer can be found without asking for help. We have the power to create answers to unanswered questions.

Everyone has something to teach, most just choose not to. This is an opportunity not a shortcoming!

Don't Forget to Remember!