Friday, August 16, 2013

Choose Happiness

The foundation of our lives is built by the choices we make: The career we chose, the person we picked to spend our life with, how we delegate our time.

While the foundation may be built on choice, our future is built by our perception & our attitude. Last week, we identified that with the right resources and the proper motivation we can achieve anything. In essence, we just want to glimpse what is possible. We want to imagine opportunity. It starts with hearing Yes.....then with a mindset fueled by possibility, we are catapulted forward to achieve.

Can it not be said that the more we learn, the less we need?

The New Economy
I have been overwhelming impressed by Chris Norton's vision of consumerism in today's marketplace. He ponders how it might be possible that during a recession products that were priced 3x their competitors sold at record highs. It is because of 2 reasons:
1. Consumers are more educated
2. With so much information available our bullshit filter is more active than ever

Therefore, selling and marketing alike are now more about story telling and design than product promotion. If that which you are selling is an extension of your uncompromised vision...people may feel that they cannot live without it.

Is what you have something people cannot live without?

The Road to Success
There seems to be a misconception that "nice guys finish last". As stated, buyers are more educated, so slick talk no longer works. The Wall Street ethos is giving way to The Social Network.

No longer are slick suits and fancy cars a distinction of success. We now drive fuel efficient cars and wear Toms.

It is reality: we now care more about others and less about ourselves. Even our personal brands are bolstered by our unwritten social contact that states:
Generosity is our most valued currency 

The Path to Happiness
Today suits are being replaced by jeans and cubicles torn down to make space for bean bag chairs. Corner offices are giving way to more room in the courtyard.

Success is no longer in tandem with an ability to put up a front. False pretense has given way to authenticity.

You cannot fool anyone, any more!

We don't have to convince others that we are capable. We simply have to allow the reality of our capabilities to represent themselves.

The key to establishing influence lies in a simple mantra:
Be yourself and be OK with that.....

We need not pretend to know what we do not. Speak through your actions.

Choose Happiness!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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