Friday, August 23, 2013


In every endeavor I have undertaken in my life, I have had my fair share of skeptics. It's probably a necessary evil to see faults in people and seek to correct them. I love being underestimated, it makes it that much sweeter to hear Thank You from those who said you were incapable.

In this life there are those who can (because they believe in their ability) and those who cannot (because they have lost their willingness to try). I feel sad for people who suck and what they do...they know they can they just choose not to.

When you look in the mirror at the end of your career you may ask yourself one of two questions:
1. When did I give up?
2. At what point did it all come together?

Never Give Up
I heard a tale of two salesmen. They were tasked with selling shoes in Africa. The first landed on the foreign soil and saw natives without shoes. He instantly called his boss and reported that the market didn't exist and that their success was doomed. The second saw the same audience and determined that the opportunity was limitless.

You can take to the existing market or you can create a new one.

I am certain that nothing is certain...why wouldn't we see that as a massive opportunity?

There are days that suck. Sometimes you feel like you are climbing up a hill with a rock on your back. It often seems that when work is going well your personal life suffers. It is hard to find the alignment of all that a reason to hang your head?

I have created repeatable success in a wide variety of conquests. This based mostly on the fact that I awake before anyone else, stay up later than anyone else, and get up every time I get knocked down.

As you read this are you raising an eyebrow or nodding your head?

Your limits are only a cause of the doubt that you allow to overshadow your spirit. Our time here is too short to lend credence to those who do not believe in us.

Don't Forget to Remember!



  1. Love this entry! It's exactly what I needed to read before my interview tomorrow! =)

  2. Thanks Panda! Hope your interview went well! Read my latest post for We Know Next:

    Power to the People!