Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Employee Investment

I still love the idea of Employee Engagement. Sure, the concept has been brutally misused by many, but True Engagement is a blissful thing! To engage one's employees is certainly a better premise than to merely recognize them. But, let's take it a step further....

What Investment are You Making in Your Employees?  

More than pay or perks, what does it mean to genuinely INVEST in your employees?

Succession Planning Starts at Day 1
I hate generational stereotyping but we cannot ignore the professional sea change afoot. Over the next five years, Senior Leaders in many organizations will be riding off into the sunset. Are you ready? Rather than amplifying your recruiting strategy, you should be investing in your in-house talent. New ideas are always great but your organization's true thought leaders are walking your halls right now. Nothing is more defeating to an employee who has dedicated 10 years of their life to a cause, only to be passed over for a promotion by an external candidate. Jack Welch urged employees to hang in there when they are passed over for a promotion....Jack Welch is wrong!

How much does it cost you to hire from outside the organization?
How much turn-over results from such a tactic?
Why are there no competent successors in your building?

The Simplistic (and often ignored) Art of Goal Setting
Reiteration #1: Performance reviews are a necessary legal document, not a motivator.
Reiteration #2: Watch Tom Chatfield's TEDtalk on Game Mechanics & Performance Management.

Here's how it works:
1. Give your employees a set of goals and HELP them achieve them.
2. Recognize each goal completed.
3. Provide greater challenges.
4. Promote employees who effectively climb the aforementioned ladder of achievement.


I recently attended a conference as a member of the Social Media team. Social Media is a platform for human interaction, not a detractor. When people who have never met have shared ideas for 3 years....the initial interaction is well-framed.

At said conference, I saw people having deeply meaningful conversations. Some people are genuinely willing to invest in others. They will step away from their job or networking to talk to another human being.

Challenge: Find a new friend in your organization.

1. Send an email to one person a day wishing them a happy and productive day.
2. Invite someone to lunch.
3. Call someone to have a conversation.
4. Offer to help without being asked.

Invest in each other!

Don't Forget to Remember!



  1. Corporate America has a habit of passing over Internal candidates, because they have preconceived judgements formed from a past chance encounter or business encounter.

  2. Thanks for participating Charles! I agree! An essential function of Leadership is helping others learn from their mistakes, not holding them against them!