Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Good Morning from the Virgin Terminal at San Francisco International Airport.

Yes, friends...this Father's Day started and ended with a 5 am kiss on the head of my boy and girl as they lay sleeping just before the Sun's eyes opened. But, I don't care. Every day is Father's Day for me! I've got the two most incredible kids in the world due to the fact that my wife is a very good Mom. I've never been one to take credit for another person's hard work. I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not.

My friend Jennifer wrote a daughter's perspective on Father's Day that warmed my heart. It is awesome that my wife and kids appreciate me! I'm phenomenally grateful that their expectations are so modest.

To dispel a myth, being a good dad is not difficult. I talk to my kids like adults and let them get up on their own when they fall down.

As I board a flight to spend Father's Day with my friends at the Society of Human Resource Management Annual Conference, it would be infantile for me to feel slighted.

It was the great Steve Jobs who noted that the key to success was surrounding oneself with a great supporting cast. So instead of having a "me" day, I'll earn the title.

I coached my son's teams for many years. I had expectations that he would be the athlete that I was, I'm sure he will be. My daughter strapped on his hand-me-down shin guards on her first day of soccer and proceeded to pour in more goals in one game than he has in his career. She is by far the smallest lady on the field but her heart is gigantic. Life has a way of surprising us, so do our children.  

We were at a party at the end of my daughter's soccer season. The girls dropped quarters into the "claw machine" while the parents drank stale beer. The little ladies all cheered in unison as the last stuffed animal was pulled from the machine. Every girl had a prize....all but one! As the girls celebrated with a group hug, one girl stood in the corner without a stuffed animal. The parents vicarious joy was slighted by this sight. And in that moment, my son walked over to the girl and handed her the stuffed animal he hand won early in the evening.

My job here is done.....

Happy Father's Day!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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