Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Free Honey

Hello Friends -
The SHRM Annual Conference is upon us (and I will once again remind you) I will be part of the super awesome Social Media Team. Our goal is simple: To Educate.

We will....
Educate attendees on how to get the most out of their experience.
Educate those that couldn't attend through the #SHRM13 virtual experience.
Educate vendors on how to better promote their brand.
Educate speakers on how to better engage their audience.

Foremost, we are here to Educate HR Professionals on the benefits of using Social Media. It's true, Social Media & HR are no longer rivals. Here are a few reasons why:

Thought Leadership Requires Varying Opinions
HR can be a lonely place. You are not alone. We Know Next, Drive Thru HR, and various HR Blogs (to name just a few); have created a virtual network of like-minded professionals. Wouldn't it be nice if the Sales Team invited you over to the bar during happy hour instead of running in the other direction while you sequester yourself to a booth by the bathroom...?

You Don't Have To Swing The Bat To Catch a Ball
I get it, people like me freak you out! I'm opinionated and aggressive and I don't mind sharing my views with the world. I also really, really care....a lot! I am not your enemy, I am your greatest source of cultural insight. I know what employees dislike and what they love....and you can too by investigating social media. You don't have to write a blog or post a single tweet...all you have to do to listen and apply what you hear. It's like a real-time Glassdoor that will give you organizational super powers!

We Need To Leave Our Hallows
Ignore social media and you will be unemployed. It will be weird conducting your own exit interview. Even if you start with the intention of monitoring employee activity, I promise you, you will discover insights that benefit your organizational relevance.

Talk to the executives about brand perception and how to turn business issues into performance initiatives.

Talk to your employees about their personal the bar.....away from the booth by the bathroom....actually among other humans.

I will be in The Hive (located in the South Building of McCormick Place in HALL A right next to the SHRMStore) Come get some honey on your stinger....we don't bite (or sting for that matter).

The greatest gift you take away from SHRM13 could be the treasure chest of knowledge you have opened up by venturing into the Social Enterprise.

See You in Chicago!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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