Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Little Did He Know....

The story of "Stranger Than Fiction", is one that analyzes a man's life and sends him a warning sign. His life had become so predictable that hearing it's narrative was unsettling. So, he chose to live to the fullest, in the hope his life would be worth saving. 

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Over the last few days I have heard Blake Mycoskie speak of how a booze-fueled trip to Argentina turned into a mission of philanthropy, I've helped my mother fight cancer (again), and saw a friend leave a job that he loved. 

What Does It All Mean?

Let's revisit a few lessons that our aforementioned hero learned in his quest to escape the calculated journey to his demise. 

Habits Are Meant To Be Broken
I know far too many people who live their lives through a structured plan...that is no way to live! People are not numbers and our motivation cannot be quantified. We want to believe that we can predetermine our way through every decision, but where is the fun in that? People are far more irrational than we care to believe and there is something kind of wonderful about that

It kills me to see people who have given up! Action without strategy is a waste of effort, it is far worse to have wonderment escape you. If you are not intrigued by the unknown, you cannot progress. Old habits die hard (and that is not a good thing).

Breaking Form
We are witnessing a workforce transition where the old guard is holding on by their finger nails and the new generation is charging the gates. Generation X quietly awaits in the wings with the work ethic of the Boomers and the flexibility of the Millennials. Soon the generational tug-o-war will be dispelled and we can all get back to work. 
Networking sucks because it is uncomfortable talking to strangers and those who talk most seem to have the least to say. Social Media participation only tee's you up to be criticized for being bold enough to speak up. Public speaking is the apex of subjecting one's self to crowd-sourced scrutiny. 

As we age we become wiser and take less chances....and then we die.

If You Knew, What Would You Do
Stranger Than Fiction is a story about a man who seeks to re-write his obituary. Don't wait until your immanent death to decide how to alter your process. If you've made your life a commodity....you should do something stupid, right now!

The people you love will love you no matter what! Replacing the narration of your life story with a spreadsheet will send your daughter to college. She would trade said degree for some provocative insight.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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