Monday, October 25, 2010


There seem to be two types of people in the world today:
1. Those who are full of positive energy
2. Those who hate everyone and wear it on their face

I have to admit I am freaked out by the person who talks at high volume, bounces into the coffee shop at 5am and/or laughs uncomfortably at every valid point they might pull from you. Such people, I have often thought, are hiding something. There was a time in my life when I was disgusted to see anyone smiling while they walked the mean streets. "How could they be positive with so much pain and strife in this world", I would ponder beneath my frown. Surprisingly, this time of discontent in my life happened when I had less to be upset about than any other time in my life.

While the overtly optimistic always raise an eyebrow, the publicly negative always furrow the brow. You see the man who criticizes the work of every Barista or Drive Through Attendant that he comes across. That person who looks in discontent at a 3 year old for not knowing his/her manners. They are bitter most likely from a life of short comings and an inability to tolerate their own failures. In order to avoid looking themselves in the mirror they attack everyone in their path provoking confrontation.

Which one would you rather be?

If ignorance is bliss is it better to know nothing and love everything?

Have we considered that those who wear a smile may do so not because they know nothing but rather because they have acknowledged the world's injustice...? Having experienced both sides of the coin, I can tell you that it is much easier to be negative. To deflect all challenges with forgone excuses to their immanent failure. To dismiss those who smile as ignorant. To wake up angry, knowing our inability, and to make an every day mission of tearing down the more capable.

With every achievement comes more responsibility. You cannot endure said responsibility without uncompromising positivity. If you are driven by hate, the drive to prove others wrong or the need to see others wake up every day and put a bag full of rocks on your back. Negativity is baggage.

You have to accept the challenges before you, assess the path to achievement, and take action. You have to win and from winning learn to elevate your capabilities. You have to be willing to fail and develop the ability to laugh at yourself.

So when the mad man runs into the happy lady at the coffee shop this morning which force will be greater?

Here are a couple simple tips to make today a positive experience:
Wake up earlier
Assess all sides of the argument before taking action
Create an abundance of opportunities
Develop the ability to laugh at yourself

..I wake up every day at 5am. I often leave the coffee shop by 8:30am. As the angry guy is just stumbling into his day, I have already completed 3 hours of quality work.

You can wake up earlier! Stop using the 3 evening hours to watch TV. Late night TV only makes you tired and less original.

He Said/She Said
Do you see an email come through, assume your team member has screwed up, shoot him an angry 'fix it now' email, and cc the COO? Let me tell you how to fix that habit -
Call First
Never Document your discontent (email nor voice mail)
Ask both sides and create a solution instead of looking for someone to blame

The More the Merrier
It is far easier to fail when you have something to fall back on. If you are in sales and you have only one large deal in your pipeline for the year, you better start cold calling (today!). It is far easier to lose a deal when you have 10 large opportunities in your pipeline.

Negotiating one deal a year gives you a sense of desperation in the negotiating process. You are sure to accept all terms and conditions and bring aboard bad business.

You are gonna screw up. Things will happen by the actions of others that are beyond your control.

Sometimes you have to accept your fate, laugh it off and move forward. Time spent beating yourself up will only detract from your ultimate progress. Learn to laugh at yourself.

So, if we are choosing sides, I will go with the positive! To convey one's admission of challenge through negativity is the first admission of failure.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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