Monday, October 4, 2010

Lost on Revenge

The story of Wall Street, Donovan McNabb's motivation in returning to Philly, The Count of Monte Cristo. In all cases, one lesson rings true...
If Revenge Is All That Motivates You, Success is Impossible!

It usually happens like this: the bully picks on you for two weeks, you get sick of it and knock him out, and when he runs off crying you end up feeling bad.

You cannot lower yourself to another's level. They are down there for a reason. Some people have very little to hang on to...when they see an intruder approaching they hoard their prize. This happens when people see an 'up and comer' and are threatened by his/her presence. The goal then of the hoarder is to bate the over-achiever into the trap of displaying their frustration...don't play that game.

I am a short tempered, prideful, hard working lad. The hardest thing for me is to hear others insult my work and to turn the other cheek. While it stings to 'let it go', I can tell you with great certainty that the squealers always get theirs. Be OK with losing an argument. When your accuser walks out the door with a box in hand he/she will not be laughing...and you probably won't either.

In short, if you are only motivated by sticking it to those who doubt you, you will not win. They wish only to see you fail and if your motivation then becomes a race to deface them one wins.

You need to find within yourself what is important; and to be so diligently immersed in it that you cannot see those on the roadside throwing tin cans at your race car.

In the story of 'money never sleeps', greed engulfs an industry and our country nearly folds because of it. People from all over Pennsylvania came to see Donovan McNabb fail and he didn't. The Count of Monte Cristo escaped jail to kill his false what? What was gained from any of the insanity of revenge? Could not that time and it's according motivation have been better spent?

There are people in my career who have screwed me over...I have forgotten most of them...and it feels good. In passing I will hear of their short comings, crack a smile and get back to living my life.

'Tis better to win and share the trophy with others than to stand on the podium and spit on those beneath is beneath you!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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