Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh The Bravado

A Gentleman named Mark Burnett changed television. He expanded on the concept of 'reality' TV by engaging the egos of the desperately unaware.

The agenda:
1. Take people manically eager to prove themselves
2. Give them a challenge
3. Allow them to create their own dialogue

Reality TV is about nothing. There is no reality to it. Our cast, however, faces the very real epidemic of proving their validity as part of the team. Mark & Mr Trump look not at the most well formed resume to hire the next apprentice. Instead, they look for people who are short fused, insecure, unfiltered and fantastically ambitious. A formula for great Television. We all love a car crash...

On last night's Apprentice I witnessed all of the sins of pseudo professionalism:
Using 3 fingers to accentuate your speaking points
Talking in terms of only yourself
The use of framed language

The Key Points of This Challenge
"this challenge will personify teamwork, your ability to think on your feet, and your entrepreneurial spirit", explains The Donald's douchey son. (is that guy going out with one of the Kardashians?)

Trust fund dum dum turned reality TV star speaks with his hands in front of him. His index and middle finger touching his thumb to accentuate his speaking points with great poignancy...while our cast of soon-to-be celebrity rehabers nod to his brilliance. Kill Me!

I am really good at that. I did that for 10 years. I am really, really good at stuff...people like me...I swear I am really, really capable...I am not a failure.

There is nothing more appalling than hearing people tout their achievements, skill set and professional accolades. Have a little tact, be humble and engage your audience.

This is a Win/Win
Let's spit ball some ideas....let's not. I hate framed language. Catch phrases that people lean on because they are incapable of producing original thought.

Some examples of Framed Language include:
- "At the end of the day,..."
- "It is what it is"
- "Robbing Peter to pay Paul"
- "Throw me under the bus"

We empower the simple minds by tuning into watch them. There has to be a better way to spend our lives.

Throw your TV out the window! Take a walk, grab a book, put on a record.

Or better yet, spend some with your 5 year old. You can learn more from them than you will from the next Apprentice.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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