Monday, September 13, 2010

In Security

Do you ever meet people who feel they have to frame everything they are about to say? Do you ever tell someone Thank You and detect that they wonder what you want in return? Have you met that person that is always on the defensive?

Our insecurities in the way we carry ourselves are a result of the culture in which we allow ourselves to exist. We become a product of our environment. So, if we are consistently disparaged by our boss, and are used to building a case for our actions, that tends to spill over into our social interactions.

Do you think by saying, 'don't take this the wrong way', that I am going to take it any way other than the wrong way?

Do you think that by complimenting me before you insult me I will be less insulted?

If you work in an environment where defending your work before you even perform it is a way of life you are going to project similar behavior as soon as you get a chance. So after I had my stones busted for 2 years, I get a promotion, and the first thing I do is find someone to insult.

If you are seasoned professional and you act in the aforementioned line of motivation you need to take a hard look in the mirror. One thing to consider is that one day you will die and to work back from there. In essence, there has to be an understanding of what is genuinely important...the ultimate truth, it's according actions and a line one allows not thyself to cross.

What if it is as simple as saying Thank You when someone assists you and accepting Thanks when it is given. If you compliment someone with the other hand extended, it probably doesn't have the intended effect. If someone tells you that you did a great job tell them they are welcome.

If you work hard and stick to your Genuine Intent you need not promote yourself otherwise. Pre and Post game interviews are not necessary...we saw the game. You need not read reviews of a movie, go see it and decide for yourself if you enjoyed it. Don't tell me I did a great job if I didn't. Don't look for compliments when you do a job well, know for yourself that you performed to YOUR expectations.

It is time to build a concise and strategic plan for personal development, to work hard and to own the results.

Do your fighting in the ring and save your breath for kissing the girl!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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