Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Girl at the Coffee Shop

I looked out the window of the coffee shop yesterday to see a young lady consumed in thought. She was chewing her nail, tapping her foot and seemingly deeply concerned about something. I wonder what was troubling her?

All of us at a certain point in our lives will learn to stop worrying and start living. The point at which we realize what is important and to dedicate our energy accordingly.

If I could have given the young lady advice I would have said:
Accept that which You Cannot Change
Concentrate on the Positive
Find Your Place

I used to fly into meetings with the same pitch: This is what our company does, we're the best at it, buy our stuff. What a waste of time. My arrogance was transparent, my lack of interest in solution based design a real turn off.

People are always impressed when you have done your research on them. More than their company or industry, if you can site an excerpt from a blog or white paper, your vested interest will endear you on a personal level.

We are constantly inundated with minutia. Detail upon detail insignificant to our grand plan...and yet we let these little things overwhelm us. Replace the happiness of a big win with the frustration of a late invoice.

Ask yourself - will someone die if this doesn't get done. If the answer is 'no' give it only the priority it deserves.

Stay Positive
Do you have that friend who is an arrogant jerk? He is that way because he is poor communicator. His inability to express himself has failed to endear him to others and as a result he has failed to succeed on any level. He projects the frustration of his inability and unwillingness to be better on everyone but himself.

Make no mistake about it...anyone can be a jerk. If you are a person of action, remaining positive is the most difficult thing there is, but that doesn't give you an excuse to give up. If every day is not a monumental personal challenge then you are not growing as a person.

Be You
The best way to turn people off is by acting out of character. If you are pretending to be someone you are not, you are not fooling anyone. The people you think you are impressing by promoting your every action see right through you.

Give your audience a little credit, be you and endear yourself to them.

When I looked out the coffee shop window again the girl was gone. Off into her worry to run in circles of wasted let indecision run her mind in circles. I hope over time she learns the simple lessons we have discussed today. Until then..

Don't Forget to Remember!


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