Monday, September 20, 2010

Choose Your Voice

(the editorial on suicide prevention is featured below: 9-17-10 post)

There seem to be two certainties in life:
* Everything Written Can Be Misinterpreted
* Our Ability to Gain Insight from the Dissension of Others Drives our Success

We all want to be liked by everyone. To build a robust network of followers and receive LOL validation to the ideas we share. The questions that have to be asked are...
1. Who do I know?
2. What can I help them learn?

If you really want to get something out of this social media thing you have to make choices. You have to paint statements, stand by your work and accept input from others to more fully form your view. You cannot expect to tell 100,000 people (who have no relevance to your business process) things that they do not care about.

I have a few in-game suggestions:
* Post no more than 20 times a day
* Avoid telling us about your personal actions
* In-Put YOUR personality and Ideas

Brevity is King
It's pretty simple. If you are on Twitter and/or Facebook all day people are going to start wondering about your productivity. These tools can be a great escape and a driving force to our business prospecting. NO ONE wants to open their page and see your profile 18 times in a row.

Learn to consolidate your ideas. Know that you don't have to RT everything. Read more than you write.

Just left the bathroom..
...are you kidding me? No one cares if you are going to the store, we don't need to see a picture of your food and we do not care about hygiene activities.

I am the first to contend that the practice of 140 characters may make more concise communicators of us all so we need not Tweet our every personal action.

No One Cares!

Choose Your Voice
The great Chris Guillebeau made some excellent points in his recent blog. The premise being that your self expression will determine your network.

Think about it....why do you want 1,000 followers who sell social media e-books or are ladies of the night? Odds are the aforementioned folks are not decision makers in buying your products or services.

You need to establish a personal strategy that creates a system of advising and promoting your vision. Start helping people who really need what you can provide. You can make really meaningful connections online. You will compromise meaningful partnerships by being boring, uninformative or self serving.

Make new friends and keep the old. But do not be afraid to lose friends that don't help you challenge yourself and enhance your personal vision.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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