Thursday, July 15, 2010

Speak for Yourself

I just attended another seminar where a Baby Boomer explained the work dynamics of Generation Y. I just read another book authored by a Baby Boomer advising how to manage Generation Y.

Generation Y and their emerging place in the workforce has been a continual hot topic in Human Resources. What is lacking is the direct voice of the Millennials. The speeches given by Moms and Dads of the emerging workforce are filled with stereotypes. The articles written advise entitlement and the liability of Millennial communication methods but seldom mention their thought leadership.

It's Getting Old!

Here's a thought: If we really care about the Generation Y perspective in the workplace why don't we ask them what they think:
* A panel discussion...?
* Presentation by a Young Professional...?
* Seminar on the benefits that Gen Y brings to the workplace...?

The control of content and the unqualified perspective of those who author and speak to it is a smoke screen not a compliment. The red flag management perspective is defeating not empowering. The transparency of the Baby Boomer grasping the conch is masking control not liberating ideas.

Where do we get our facts? Why is it fair to present assumptions as facts?

How about not defining metrics of employee behaviors by generation, gender or race and putting a less categorical bend on organizational strategy.

I have personality traits that are 'girly' and I share the professional ambition of 'Old People' & 'Young People'. It is ever confusing that the most politically correct department in any organization relies on pre-supposed metrics to define behavior.

Here's What Matters:
* Big Ideas
* The Strategy to Support our Organizational Culture
* How we carry our Organizational Philosophy to our Customers

Let's Move On....

Don't Forget to Remember!


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