Friday, July 23, 2010


Is there any better sociological study than that of dance. More so, the cumulative reaction to dancing. In past blog entries we have talked about The Ripple Effect and the Creation of Culture. Both of these elements so relevant in the practice of dance.

Dancing takes two things:
* A Leader
* A Vibe
(rhythm would be nice but is not mandatory)

Every great dance sequence starts with our story's hero, possibly inebriated, throwing an old favorite into the stereo. This is followed by he/she busting out a few pre-choreographed moves and the phrase: come on people!

The initial reaction to such behavior are furrowed brows, raised eye brows and under breath chuckles. Inevitably a person or two joins the fun, then a few more and before you know it we have 50 people expressing themselves in mutual celebration.

Is there anything better than to let yourself let others know everything is going to be let smiles and hip shakes define us for a put judgement aside, to put our differences aside and to get down to the business of 'fun'!

In this world there are performers and observers...which one are you? Of course, it is easier to cross arms, stand on the wall and mock he/she who is brave enough to display their emotion for all to see. Yes, it may be damaging to your reputation to make a 'fool' of yourself on the dance floor at a company gig. But, if you love to dance, why can't you. Why not be who you are, embrace that and let others share it...for all it is worth.

Leaders don't hide or wait for others to set the rules. They crank up the stereo, grab a friend and let us know it's OK to celebrate...for whatever reason we can think up. Yes, life is a all times. We need to learn to focus on what we are good at, display it genuinely and share it with others.

Culture is driven by a Leader's willingness to put their guard down. Formality interrupts growth by ignoring genuine value sharing. We live in a time when dress, tenure and status matter less than ever. We live in a time when you can be at work who you are at a company party and there need not be a divide. Our profession is a celebration of our products, services, company and team.

Celebrate...Be Yourself...Dance!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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