Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 2nd Half

We are looking down the backside of the mountain that is 2010. We must plan well, execute and reap the rewards! I work as an organizational strategist. Together with my clients, we often discover that the more we entrench ourselves in detail, the more distant our goals appear. Sometimes we have to pull back and slow it down. As we will learn in my forthcoming book Awesomeness.....simplicity can be the pathway to success!

In setting goals for the second half of 2010, may I suggest a 3 step process:
1. Prepare and Predict
2. Give More Than You Take
3. Own the Results!

Prepare and Predict:
This social media craze has a million detractors. One thing twitter and the like does for us is create exposure. Use it to your advantage. To be sure, if you enter any conversation without having done your research, you are a dum dum! Along with the information you have gained on an individual and their organization you need to differentiate your product or service to their goals. Going in 'blind' is unacceptable. Find your target market, design a plan to differentiate yourself as the logical partner, and articulate a story that ties it all together. Spend your time wisely through research and put a bullet proof plan together that eliminates the guess work.

1. If someone tells you they are too busy, they are usually wasting their time on needless tasks.
2. If you throw a blanket over any relationship do not expect respect in return.

Give More than You Take:
It seems simple enough. For better or for worse, the Internet has educated people very well. If there is the slightest bit of fraudulence in your relationship strategy you will be exposed, untrusted, and cast into insignificance. You may win on the premise of price or best widget but if that is all you have going for you get used to being treated as an abused commodity....we reap what we sew!

You have to put yourself in a position of generosity. To give more than you take. To be kind, generous and elegant; and to mean it. If you don't believe in the people you work for, those who support you or the product you represent - quit!

1. They will always see you sweat.
2. When money comes second you will make more of it than you ever have.

Own the results:
You will lose a deal due to consequences beyond your control. If you tried your best and made the right moves, you lost the commodity battle, that is a battle no one wants to fight anyway...your competition just sold themselves into suckerhood!

You cannot blame others when you lose, you need not beat your chest when you win. Class is the greatest characteristic in the human psyche. It means carrying yourself with confidence....know that you have always done the right thing by being true to your genuine intent.

1. Liars are always exposed.
2. Hard work and generosity are the only elements of success.

Put your plan in place, execute it well, learn from your mistakes, be generous and accountable!

The goal line is closer than you think: CLOSE HARD!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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