Monday, January 28, 2013

The HR Social

Ask an HR Professional about social media and you will most likely get a head in hands retort similar to that of posing the Big Data question to an IT pro. It turns out humans are infinitely resourceful when it comes to social media. Individual and company reputations are now on display 24/7. Jobs are lost, candidates put on the back burner, and ad campaigns put on hold; all because of the power of the typed word. While the aforementioned foe paws serve to company/employee detriment, others are differentiating themselves through the power of the social enterprise. Approach any enterprise technology expert with a social media apprehension and you will get a direct response, "its here to stay...get used to it".

Our best employees are adopting social media to promote their personal brand. Their resumes are consistently on display and their thought leadership broadcast to the world. The day and age of background checking candidates for blunders are being replaced with a requirement for social enterprise leadership.

What can HR do to keep thought leadership in-house?

Be Boldly Transparent!
Over the last 2 years there has been a surge of emphasis on killing performance reviews. It is not because people don't want to be evaluated (in fact they want more feedback, more often). The biggest organizational hurdle is middle-management marginalization. Managers keep their talent at arms length: taking credit for their contributions, dismissing them when they have failed to engage them. This silo-ed approach is directly correlated to the performance review culture. One's talent cannot be assessed (and/or empowered) by just one person behind closed doors. This creates office politics, energy spent away from core job functions, and animosity that squashes motivation. People don't leave companies, they leave managers. We can no longer allow mediocre management to chase away our extraordinary talent.

Lesson 1: Time to socialize talent management!

Create Advocates
If you allow people to use social media at work they are less likely to waste time updating their status from the bathroom. If your social policy indicates that employees are empowered to use the internet they are likely to promote your brand in the process. Glassdoor requires equal company reviews (best thing/worst thing). The bad stuff on this site always overwhelms the good. All candidates are pre-qualifying your company on Glassdoor. But when brought to HR's attention; we get offended. Company culture is on trial 24/7.

Lesson 2: By letting them taste the forbidden fruit you give them reason to promote not disparage.

Lead by Example
The stereotypes of HR still exist: budget minded, risk averse, policy police. Unfair at best!

We have come to understand, in fact, that HR is the coolest department in any organization! HR is the pipeline from the people to the brass. HR empowers brand beyond cubicles through the crowded social enterprise. HR creates jobs, promotes superstars, and dismisses stagnant culture killers. The keys are in your hand, be a leader and jump into the world of social media.

Lesson 3: If HR loves social media, everybody loves social media!

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