Monday, January 21, 2013

Random Thoughts

Persistence is an act of love. 
Pretending prolongs mediocrity. 
Dismiss your ego. 
Believe really hard. 
Connect want and must. 
Accept what you must, but only what you must. 
Be acutely aware of your surroundings.
Celebrate freedom. 
Fail famously. 
Ask for help. 
Remember that everyone is in the people business. 
Let go of what you cannot control. 
Being annoyed is annoying. 
Know the difference between charm and sarcasm. 
Become better by doing more for those who have less. 
Admire nice people. 
Be admirably approachable. 
Don't worship false idols. 
Don't sidebar or footnote to extremes. 
Don't say what you're gonna say just tell us what you're gonna saying it. 
Learn to narrate. 
Work very hard to enunciate clearly. 
Empower (don't discourage). 
Put your phone down. 
Learn to love chaos. 
Flatter people but don't creep them out. 
Don't fake it....ever. 
Develop an insatiable thirst for knowledge. 
Tell someone a white lie...if it inspires them to make their life better. 
Preach your core values every day...and when necessary use words. 
Learn how to hit the curve ball.

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