Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Seat at the Bar

I served on a panel last night for the members of NCHRA. Danika Davis presented her vision for HR as a Business Partner. We engaged topics like strategic leadership, trust building with business units, self-awareness in Organizational Development, data gathering, policy navigation, and crowd sourcing. HR professionals who have ascended the bureaucracy spoke words of encouragement to the large crowd...some who smiled with inspiration, others who nodded off...enforcing the very HR stereotypes we sought to dispel. Such is our plight.

A goal in debunking HR stereotypes is building trust. Instilling in business unit leaders a gateway from the trenches to the brass. There is an emphasis on transforming HR from the policy police to one who is invited to the bar (notice I didn't say the table). We concluded that HR is a lonely place if you allow the stereotypes to overwhelm you. You don't have to be lonely any more...

You Have Friends in Social Media

This week marked 2 monumental events:
1. The release of the HRBN 40 under 40
2. 2013's first #nextchat

What does it mean to me to be nominated to the HRBN 40 under 40? A lot. Yes, I am a shameless self-promoter but I also think that great minds think alike. I cannot say enough about what Laurie Ruettimann does for the HR Community and tough she is vastly popular, more people need to know her. The collection of writers in the 40 under 40 are your advocates in HR thought leadership. These folks will assist you in sharing proven practices, debunking HR stereotypes, help you develop courage, and empower you to understand the quintessential organizational relevance of the HR function. More importantly, these people have balls: they are not afraid to tackle the stigma and take action to initiate change.

NextChat is a weekly Twitter chat hosted by SHRM's micro-community, "We Know Next". In these chats the more candid in HR leadership put their plight on the table (and flip said table over). It has been part of the HR pedigree to avoid social media like the plague (well, we might use it to illegally screen job candidates or invade our employee's privacy)....Rebels! Don't kid yourself, social media is your friend!

Why would you ignore shared stories of success from industry veterans?
Why wouldn't you want to benefit from a network of people who have fought the system...and won!
Out of sight, out of mind is no way to move forward.

I repeat, social media is your friend! Say it with me.....

Don't be lonely, don't be scared. 2013 is the year that HR destroys the stereotypes!

Lead...and if those with marginal skill sets seek to commoditize you, run them over! That's right, the stereotypes of HR will continue to exist if we wait for the Secretaries to retire. The time is now, seize your opportunity for advancement, and prove the organizational relevance of your motivated intelligence.

In 2013, NCHRA will be hosting a series entitled HR as a Business Partner. We will reserve a seat at the bar for you.

Time to be strategic, time to build trust, time to prove that you are Super Cool!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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