Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Motivation

It's Monday......

I remember a time in a my life when I dreaded this day. Not Any More!

I have made many changes in my life but my renewed joy for Monday is the result of two things:

My climb out of Monday Morning Misery has produced one undeniable truth:
If you think today will suck, it will!

I left my headphones off this morning and listened to a group of retirees complain for 1.5 hours: the economy, mislead young people, a directionless country and Toyota's inability.

Their day will suck...and it might stand to reason that 70 years of unlimited potential has been wasted on these human beings. At what point did they give up, at what point did they stop pursuing their dreams and become 'the victim', at what point did they stop living and start dieing?

The effort you put into negative thought does less for the mind than uplifting thought. Uplifting thought requires no more effort but produces results.

Nothing has Ever Been Achieved as the Result of a Complaint!

How will you spend today, this week, this year? What will you do with the results? If you keep frowning not only will you fail but you will fail alone.


Let go of that which you cannot change and accept it!
Strive toward that which will ensure your happiness!
Use that which people most admire about YOU to differentiate YOU in the workplace!

It is as easy and as hard as that!

Don't Forget to Remember!



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