Monday, March 29, 2010


Greetings from Disneyland...the happiest place on Earth!

This is indeed the magic kingdom! Little girls dance in Cinderella dresses, kids sprint through cartoon worlds, pirate ships are launched into a sea of imagination and screams of jubilation fill the air.

There is another commonality to Disneyland: A parent's reflective joy in seeing their child having unimaginable fun!

There is a community in Disneyland. Parents feed off their children and kids use their new found spirit to invite new friendships on the fly.

So when we speak of building a positive work environment why not use the Disneyland formula:
* Create A Ripple Effect
* Give for the Sake of Giving without expectation of return
* Foster an Environment where Creativity is Celebrated
* Use Appreciation to Empower

If a woman sees her son laughing his face off on a roller coaster, I guarantee all the frustration of parenting escapes in that moment. She is filled with the irreplaceable joy of giving life and growing it. So when they hop off that ride and she holds the door for a guy who is frustrated that the vacation is not going as planned maybe he will remember why he is at Disneyland. That hug that Gentlemen gives to his wife may help her remember why she loves him. And so a Ripple Effect is produced......why can't your office be the Happiest Place on Earth.

Do you thank with one hand and ask with the other? If you ask of your employees at the same time you pat their back transparency enters the picture and your genuine intent becomes bravado.

Anyone can run a business based on a preconceived formula: Use the other girl's technique and just charge less. This is employment by commodity! The core values of said business are: cowardice, mediocrity and predictability. This is a punch the clock, check in the box, one way ticket to death:
- If you dislike your job - quit.
- If you have no joy in life - try something new.
- If you are too afraid to try - the only person to blame is yourself.

In order to inspire an environment of empowerment - YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE! You have to walk into every day with the intent of doing something extraordinary and have the Balls to make it work.

The easy thing to be is negative. If you are 'too cool' to be part of something bigger you are a coward not a maverick!

Give, Appreciate and Help People Grow!

Don't Forget to Remember!



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