Monday, March 15, 2010

The Environment

No, this is not another green initiative plea to Save Mother Earth.

I mention not the air we breath outside but the mood inside the office.

It is undeniable that we become a product of our environment. The professional behaviors we learn at our first big job will serve one of two purposes:

* The foundation of our professional integrity

* A example of what not to do

On our first day of work in a big office we are energized, full of hope and ready to learn. If we are taught how to take accountability, channel our motivation and learn from our failures; we are several steps ahead of the game.

The best professionals are positive, strategic thinkers who stay upbeat, find a solution and dedicate themselves to turning goals into realities. Someone at some point encouraged them to act in such a matter. They put aside their inherent desire to complain, put their head down and got things done. Once you learn how to do this you never look back!

The worst professionals I know complain about everything: lack of support, poor resources, short comings that were not their fault. Most likely, it was a reactive nature of their first boss that taught these otherwise well intentioned people to fail and make excuses.

As Leaders we have to understand that every leaf that falls from our tree effects the environment in which we put our foot down....and then some.

If you are a manager, director or VP and pursue any part of your day with negativity, excuses or reactive behaviors....the inevitable failure of the earthlings will be your fault and you will be cast off into the cosmos with Lex Luther to sail through eternity in screams of misery!

It doesn't matter how many degrees you possess, how many years you have been excelling as a professional or who you know......the less than intricate rules of leadership are as follows:

* Stay Positive

* Allow people to fail and learn from failures

* Help people redirect their complaints into action items

* Recognize accomplishments (no matter how big or small)

Don't Forget to Remember!



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