Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Evolution

My goals for 2010 are designed. I don't have a whole lot of bad habits to resolve to quit and overall 2009 was a pretty successful year for your humble narrator.

I have one over-arching goal for 2010: To allow myself to enjoy things!

Historically, I have become a jaded, less-than-elated, snob. I work hard, am a great parent and take care of my responsibilities on a consistent basis. So, I unjustly take for granted the license to judge others who enjoy the gravity of any given movement. What a dum dum I have become.

So in 2010, my pledge reads as follows:
* Smile when smiled upon!
* Allow yourself to enjoy an exercise regardless of your perception of the perception of others!
* Be OK with giving up control and give in to the moment!
* Dance without regard for your the judgement that may beset upon you!
* Stay positive because it is the hardest thing to do!
* Understand that fun can be celebrated for the sake of fun without negative consequence!

Accept, Practice, Learn & Grow!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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