Monday, January 11, 2010

The Joy of the Unpredictable

My best buddy Bob Cohen has earned this distinction by being completely interesting; all the time. His goal: as soon as things get comfortable, move on. Bob grew up a metal guitar player in Long Island, then moved to Arizona to join a Fraternity, had a successful career as a Creative Director in advertising, then pursued a life as a cage fighter and is now in Vietnam pursing a combination of the aforementioned.

In my advanced years predictability has become a safe port in the storm. Wife + kids + mortgage = need for stability. But let's not confuse the can have stability without being predictable.

I work as a Consultant and have an ever-evolving list of goals. In essence, there is never a time to rest on one's laurels - not because I'm tied to the whipping post but because I have a little bit of Bob in me......The Inevitable Truth: Compromise is the end of the road, keep moving and enjoy the ride!

So, how can we continue to progress and endure change while still knowing we are hitting the critical pillars to achievement along the way? Here are a few thoughts:

* Who Cares - the need for validation from others only means a lack of trust in your effort and/or ability.
* Allow yourself to make mistakes - if you 'play it safe', you will not acquire the skills you may need to move forward down the road. Don't confuse this year's success for the tools that will endure your success in 2015.
* You will never know everything - when you get to the spot where you think you are an expert in your field, you are headed down the wrong side of the mountain.
* Learn something new every day!
* Don't rely on the past - those who tout their skill set based on past achievements, have only the past to rely upon.
* Be a Creator not a Destroyer - Know that critics sit in their chair because they are too tired to keep running with the pack.
* Uncertainty will be part of every day of the rest of your life. Embrace it and allow it to drive your motivation.

"Believe in yourself without compromise and you are f*#*ing bulletproof"
- Craig Ferguson

Don't Forget to Remember!

- Dave


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