Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just (Don't) Do It!

I have had a few conversations with people of late who simply hate their job. It is always interesting to hear the responses I get when I ask them to drill down to the cause of their discontent:
* Ordered to do things that don't make sense to my job description!
* Too much paperwork!
* Too little time to perform my job because of mundane tasks!
* I don't believe in the product I am selling!
* Ownership does not support my initiative!

In order to understand Employee Engagement we must first get to Job Satisfaction. The way to find satisfaction in any job is to follow this two step process:
1. Identify the elements that will propel you to success and perform them with great intensity
2. Identify the mundane tasks that are keeping you from achieving your goals and give them as little attention as possible

I know it seems impossible to scrap your TPS reports, but know if you are paid to sell and you are filling out paper work there is a fundamental disconnect in your is not your fault. So better to accept what you can't change, avoid fighting the powers that be and prioritize accordingly.

Are you really as busy as you pretend to be?
* Stop doing the things that are distracting your success and then blaming that time drain on 'paperwork'

Golden Rule: Voicing your discontent aloud in meetings puts you on the back side of the hill to firesville!

One thing you are in control of is your perception:
1. If someone is a thorn in your side...let them speak their mind without retort they will go away quietly.
2. If you stop letting the little things get you worked up and concentrate on your genuine intent... you will always have a positive attitude.

Don't Forget to Remember!

- Dave

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