Saturday, September 19, 2009

Employee Engagement 2010: Part 9


Corporate America sure does get it's fair share of press when unethical practices come to light. What is seldom reported are the extraordinary efforts companies are making to improve the world we live in.

Community Service

Green Initiatives

Safety Administration, Control and Recognition

Responsible Business Globalization

What do these elements of corporate responsibility have in effort to save lives.

Every organization has it's charity of choice:
Michael C Fina supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
The California Highway Patrol supports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Safeway supports City of Hope

People are often content to live their lives outside of charitable causes...until something effects them directly and they can no longer sit back and let others experience their pain. So, on Saturdays in late summer, we gather to walk for multiple charitable causes: our tennis shoes pounding the pavement some times for 3 days and several miles, on other days a few laps around the Capitol Building. We take off our ties, put on themed t-shirts and open our hearts and minds together.

A funny thing happens when we leave the office to remember a company founder or a co-workers wife....the mundane details of office politics vanish. That person who under performs from time to time might help you understand why. The Unflappable Corporate Leader may just let her guard down. The human side of professionalism comes to light and it shines bright.

My contention is that when we leave the cubicle battle field for a softball game, a post work beer or a walk to cure cancer....we grow toward a larger understanding of one another. An understanding that is greater than the frustration of a report that was developed in an untimely manner. Thus, validating this Blog Series' original premise:


Professionals are printing less paper, co-workers are protecting one another from harm and occasionally we allow ourselves to cry together!

We can strategize together, squeeze more out of our budgets and promote dynamic new product launches...but if we genuinely know one another our ability to cut through the minutia and get to the genuine elements of success is expedited.

In Employee Recognition we often put a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
* Raffle Prize at a Diversity Training

* Points for attending a Charity Function

* All Hands Party for a Year of Safe Work

The prizes will draw them in...winning a door prize is always great...but the experience is what has a lasting effect. In truth, Rewarding participation in Corporate Responsibility can be a catalyst for improving peoples lives. If the prize is an excuse to improve lives, I would guess it would be the ultimate investment.

Don't Forget to Remember

- Dave



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