Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Ninth Rule of Awesomeness

When business becomes about numbers and not sucks, the cause is lost and people start to hate their job. While revenue drives business, it doesn't have to be our primary, transparent objective.

The Ninth Rule of Awesomeness is: Estimate Impossible Revenue Goals...and Double Them!

It's Friday Afternoon and it's time to put the results of your inspired work into a formula. I don't care what your role might be, revenue always defends effort and can always dispel good intentions.

  • Sales becomes more predictable when we learn how to balance our pipeline
  • Projects get done ahead of schedule when we crunch the numbers weekly and set goals accordingly
  • IT services are rewarded with more work when we meet system capacity goals
  • Managers drive revenue first and only have to shave cost if it doesn't happen

In short, we are all held to a number. Learn to deal with it.

My extended suggestion, however, is to first perfect the process and the numbers will come automatically. If only your pay check inspires you, you will make just enough to get by. It is our purpose that evolves us as professionals:
  • Core Values We can Believe In
  • Metrics for Success that Align with our Abilities
  • Leadership that Inspires
  • A Boss that can Relate

If we have purpose, revenue flows like quarter beer night. With inspired intention the finish line is blurred and we are always evolving. Knowing this, one can set improbable goals and double them. We are only as good as the finish line that we assign ourselves. Without a pin in your shoulder you will not know when the pains ends or pretend to ignore it.

To measure results by the numbers is only a way to validate effort. To work with purpose is to validate one's very existence.

Don't Forget to Remember!


Monday, May 24, 2010

The Eight Rule of Awesomeness

Brothers & Sisters -
We have had our asses kicked, but we got up this morning, suited up and are back in the breach.

The Eight Rule of Awesomeness is: Never Give Up!

There will come a point in your life when failure is not an option and at that point you will excel beyond the abilities you have prescribed yourself in the casual past. When there are no more options, you will do everything in your power to perform, get over and get back to the mountain top!

Why wait until there is limited time left to be everything you can possibly be?

We cannot allow others to put limits upon us...Let No One Stick a Finger in Your Face....

No one can prevent you from achieving that which today seems impossible; Especially You! It is only you who puts limits on your ability to achieve...and most often, we let these things overwhelm us. That by not believing that the sun has set on our discontent a final time we continue to wallow in that discontent.

The time is now to stop feeling sorry for yourself and limiting your potential accordingly. You cannot win unless you are willing to go head in and get punched in the mouth.

The only reason you cannot achieve everything you ever wanted is because you are afraid of being happy!

Every day is hard! Accept that and be part of the challenge; every day. It starts with a few hits, then you win a few games and over time (and with effort) your confidence becomes the drive...not your fear. You stop back pedaling and move forward. You come forward out of the corner and begin to hit back.....and you start feeling good and you want more!

Believe Not that Good Fortune is Given Out by Another. As of right now, You Are The Creator of Everything Sacred!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure" - Marianne Williamson



Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Seventh Rule of Awesomeness

The story of Great Expectations transitions when Finnegan Bell has moved beyond his roots to the big city and found a new group of friends. His uncle Joe brings his doc worker's demeanor to a big city Art Show and Finn becomes embarrassed of him.

As Fred Sanford once said, "the same people you see on the way up, you gonna see on the way down"

The seventh rule of Awesomeness is: Even a Broken Clock is right twice a day!

In Human Resources we have been overwhelmed with the changing Generational Landscape of our workforce and how to scale our company directives in an inclusive manner. The idea relevant, the underlying masquerade transparent.

Fact: There are people over 80 that use Twitter
Fact: There are 25 year old's that don't use Facebook

Fact: There are Gen Xers that don't have cell phones

In short, one cannot categorize another based on their age, organizational tenure or technical skill. It's getting old......(no offense Baby Boomers)

The greatest Human Characteristic is Grace. I like people who are confidently calm....I dislike people who are arrogant out of insecurity. Confidence and arrogance are different forms of socialization. People who pretend are always exposed. People who are genuine live through their own validation, they do not wait for it from another.

Here are a few tips to keep you in your britches:
* Everyone has something to teach
* Innovation is only part of the puzzle
* Human interaction is still the gateway to everything
* No idea is completely unique

* Those who project insecurity really just want to be your friend
* Listen before you preach

Most importantly, when your Uncle Joe comes to visit you at college, remember where you come from. Allow him to share his moonshine with your dorm mates!

Don't Forget to Remember!


Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sixth Rule of Awesomeness

Whether you are in sales, an English Professor, a Sanitary Worker or a Tennis constant remains in any profession: Preparation.

One must know their target market, prepare an according elevator pitch and work really hard to get the message to as many of the right people as possible.

You prepare, set a strategy and work hard.....and sometimes you just get lucky.

The Sixth Rule of Awesomeness is:
Miracles happen every day - if you work really hard!

How swings the hammer of luck when it comes to business and on which side does karma rest? Usually she who works hardest gets the prize, but sometimes, you are in the right place at the right time.

Specific to sales; people see the chart topper and seek knowledge of products, service and their applicable relevance....most of the time they do not have them. They persist, put a process in place and pound it every day until a few apples fall from the tree.

I firmly believe that the Sales Gods smile on those who bust their butts. Effort and Results do not always run hand-in-hand but over time good things come to those who endure.

Here are a few tips for creating your own luck:
* Get Through the Dip
* Discover your Target Market
* Work Really Hard

Seth Godin is seen by many as a thought leader while others think he is an arrogant prick. Despite his ability to bring a conference call to a screaming halt and his 'smarter than you' blog posts, Godin's book 'the dip' hits a key point. Those who give up put in 80% of the effort before doing so. Choose your tasks wisely and never give up. Learn the difference between persistent and annoying and endure accordingly.

We create unnecessary work for ourselves when we try to be someone we are not. If a client has expectations that do not meet your solution you better get ready to do a lot of unnecessary work and face the consequence of trying to fit a square peg in a round slot. Bad prospects are Bad Customers. Over time, the ROI is drained and your effort is wasted. If you discover companies that function under the same values as yours partnerships are usually much more rewarding, easier to manage and simplistic in their synergy. A stress free life is one managed with the understanding of which sandbox to sink your toes into.

Strategy will save you time, a suit might make you look credible and regurgitating ideas from your favorite blog may present you as a thought leader. But, nothing beats hard work! If you wake up early, stay up late, keep your inbox manageable and are professionally persistent - Success is Inevitable!

In summary: Be Yourself, Find Those Who Appreciate You and Serve for the Right Reasons!

Don't Forget to Remember!


Friday, May 14, 2010

The Fifth Rule of Awesomeness

Do you feel pressure to adjust your acumen around certain people to impress them? Do you change the way you act, dress a certain way or speak in a certain manner to prove your professionalism?


The Fifth Rule of Awesomeness is: Only YOU can determine YOUR success!

The professional world can be very confusing. Everyone just wants to do the right thing. With good intentions and open minds we are susceptible to ideas, measures for success and the organizational culture that creates them.

Unfortunately, many organizations cultures are fractured. I believe this to be a measure of:
* Uncertainty of Performance Metrics
* Poor Leadership
* Misguided Motivation
* Lack of Candor

Fixing the Whole:
  • If you are told to go on 6 client meetings a week but do not get a further explanation as to the larger organizational intent of this directive - Your Management Team Sucks!
  • Far too often a message comes from organizational thought leaders, gets watered down and when it hits the people in the trenches they are told to carry it out without a conveyed grander purpose.
  • It is difficult to find the goal line wearing a Knight's helmet.

What Can You Do As a Contributor:
* Set goals for yourself that exceed that of your management team
* Develop a personal purpose in accordance with company core values
* Let only the look in the mirror be the measurement of your success
* Ignore the self preserving behavior of others

What Can Leaders Do:
* Be Honest
* Encourage Results don't Discourage Effort
* Interpret the CEO's goals to the field in a way that makes sense to their personal directives

We all appreciate the opportunities afforded us. But, our genuine intent is destroyed when someone looks us in the eye, promises their full effort and does not deliver. We can all live with and learn from miscalculation but lack of effort through a disregard for another's goals is cowardly!

Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish! It starts with you!

Know who you are, be confident in that, utilize your unique skills to benefit the team effort and never compromise your integrity. One can never take back the moment they cross the honesty line!

Don't Forget to Remember!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Fourth Rule of Awesomeness

- if you hear this terminology muttered...guess what....this person CARES what other people think - A LOT!

We are all insecure, we all want to be recognized, we all want our existence validated! Unfortunately, the knowledge of our deep dark secrets seems to have become the fuel for business management.

We can grit our teeth, pound our fist and yell at each other; but these seaming acts of aggressiveness are nothing more than the clinging to the want to be wanted.

You see Salespeople presenting a solution in front of a room of 12 senior executives and you say...I wish I had that type of confidence....guess what? Salespeople are of the most insecure people in any workforce.

Your Manager gives a state of the union address at a company function and you she is really on the ball.....guess what? She talks to herself in the mirror! What a weirdo!

I don't understand why vulnerability cannot be a business strategy. Why we have to put on a suit to express credibility. Why we need to convey professionalism based on the regurgitation of a podcast. Why can't our ideas be our own. Why do we try to be someone we are not to impress others. Why we cannot just admit that we want to be happy...???!

Kovacovich's Hierarchy of Needs:
* Job
* Money
* Music
* Sports
* Beer
* Professional Purpose

We have been humbled in these times of professional struggle....AND IT'S A GOOD THING! We have learned to take delight in the little things, to quit trying to keep up with the Jones' and to endure...this too shall pass.

Smile, Speak Honestly and Allow You to be You as the only grounds by which you should be held to validate your existence!

Don't Forget to Remember!



Monday, May 10, 2010

The Third Rule of Awesomeness

Last week we viewed this clip:

It is profoundly meaningful! A father projecting the discontent of his life to derail his son's quest for NBA greatness! It is so true that the more we learn, the more jaded we become, and the further away we get from that which is genuinely important to us.

The Third Rule of AWESOMENESS is: Every opinion is only an effort to curtail your unique motivation

I remember an interview with Tiger Woods (pre-whores) before his first professional tournament. A reporter asked him what he felt would be a respectable finish in the tournament...he replied:
- the snide group of reporters laughed for 10 seconds and looked up from their note pads to see a look of complete focus in the young man's eyes.

You may have read my posting on ReThinkHR.Org regarding Kyle Dake - the 'true' freshman who impossibly won an NCAA wrestling championship. When asked how he felt about his previously determined impossible achievement, he commented:

Let it be known that our greatest opponent is ourselves!

In any organization there will be a standard for can never be capped. Why not recreate the standard yourself ? The first step to doing it is ignoring everyone who advises you what is not possible.

The Human Psyche is infinitely complex. There are a million places we can go with our thoughts and those thoughts then create our reality. Unfortunately, we humans are lemmings...tell me what is possible and I will set up a plan to get there.

It is time to put aside convention, to stop listening to those who's time has come and gone, to be aware that only one's own regret allows them to grab you by the collar and tell you to slow down.

Run through the halls, run over those in your way, let no one hold you are bound by nothing! Nothing is impossible!


"There are two pains in life; the pain of discipline and the pain of regret"
- Russ Hellickson, Ohio State Wrestling Coach

Don't Forget to Remember!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Second Rule of Awesomeness


- Appropriate to say when your row boat has sprung a leak...not appropriate to say after you have just submitted a proposal!

The Second Rule of Awesomeness is: Wishing must be accompanied by a well prepared strategy.

I am all for the part in the movie where our well intention hero catches a break. I love the story of the underdog, I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a break and I think nice people usually finish first (no offense Billy Jo Armstrong).

Save your prayers for catastrophes that are out of your control!

If you prepare well, know your target audience and present your solution honestly; you have done all you can. It is important to get in where you fit in and to dedicate your time and effort accordingly.

In earnest, there is either a grounds for partnership or there is not. You are a good fit for a job or you are not. Your team will either play well enough to win or they won't....actually, praying and sports go hand-in-hand...scratch that last point!

Far too often we try to force things professionally. A few things to consider:
* If a position does not fit your true skill you really want it?
* If a company is a bad prospect, they will be an even worse customer.
* Pretending to possess skills you do not can only lead to exposure and failure.

One of the greatest faults of business profitability measured by metric driven activity is the lack of concern for synchronicity. The thought being that if we meet with enough companies ultimately one of them is bound to say YES.....(on what grounds?).

It is much better to plan your time, effort, energy and resources in dedication of the pursuit of meaningful opportunities.


For far too long I lived a double existence - work hard/play hard! The problem was that the personality that made me fun to be around outside of work was put aside in the morning to fulfill expectations of others in pursuit of a professional demeanor....

There does not have to be a divide between work and play.....Be Yourself!
* If you put on a tie, comb your hair and pretend to be an expert - you will be exposed!
* If you pretend to like soccer to impress your boss - you will be exposed!
* If you read books you dislike - you are disingenuous
* If you do not voice your disapproval at critical decision making milestones - you are a liar

We need to stop pretending and dedicate ourselves to what is right! We need to stop talking about work and start working. Office politics are only an effort to make up for expertise through manipulation.

Do your talking in the ring! Avoid unnecessary motivational detractors! Have Fun for the right reasons.

Success Matters More When Your Genuine Intent in Fulfilled!

Don't Forget to Remember!



Monday, May 3, 2010

The First Rule of Awesomess

After reading Tony Hsieh's book Delivering Happiness, I came up with a personal core value map - it is called Awesomeness.

Using the letters in the word Awesomeness - I tried to come up with a personal mission statement that encompasses what I have learned, what I have done about it, and how it has helped.

The first rule of Awesomeness is:
Always Remember the Little People

My mom used to give the landscapers a six pack of beer at the end of each month. They were paid well for their hard work and they seemed to enjoy their work but while the neighbors shouted instructions at them; my mom gave them beer. It seemed like the right thing to do to.

I don't believe I ever became so overconfident that I categorized myself in front of another. It never made sense.

At some point, I came to realize that those who abused their authority had nothing else going for them and were thus not in the position of authority for long. On a larger scale, the condemnation of others on the basis that they know less than you is a way to divide not motivate. No one matters more than anyone else, everyone knows more about something than you do, and the same people you see on the way up you will see on the way down.

So, here are a few things to consider when considering others:
* If you ask someone to assist you in a friendly way, they usually put you at the top of the list
* Most people treat support staff like subordinates - don't
* Consider that they might not be as engaged as you are - and help them get there
* To Reiterate: The Same People You See on the Way Up, You Will See on the Way Down!

Don't Forget to Remember!