Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Waking Up in 2019

It's that time of year when New Year's Resolution, Career Goals, Plans to get Healthy and Forecasting of Big Ideas come together! We inventory the year past and read a bunch of lists. We put the past away and look forward.

Are there goals still to be conquered? Are there songs left to sing?

In times when inspiration is at a premium, how can we find a spark? Is routine the enemy? Is the fountain of invention dried out?

Acquisition of Knowledge
Over the last two years, Social Media has suffered two self-imposed setbacks:
  1. Ego-Driven Debate
  2. An Idea Cap
Both of these things share a commonality: Emotion has replaced Common Sense.

If every day you awake and grab your phone to check your social media accounts... the odds of approaching the day with a positive outlook are limited. At some point, opinion became more relevant than facts because research takes more time than the immediate call to respond will allow. "Facts" to defend any opinion are now readily accessible.

We've seen the world's most-prominent brands crash due to the fact that organizational leadership would not regulate their egos in the interest of change.

If what you read provokes your emotion to the point of publicizing outrage, you are referencing the wrong resources to guide your day.

I've been in the same industry for 12 years. As of today, there are industry blogs being published with the exact same content of those released in 2007.

Here is the formula for lack of invention in corporate blogging:
  • Reference a current event (this can be found within the first 3 posts on your Facebook page)
  • Resolve 3 lessons from the aforementioned pop culture trend
  • Provide a link to your product or service
The prerequisite to author such a piece is nothing and everyone has access to publish.

An Alternate Path
Take a walk. Leave your phone in the car. Read a book. See a movie. Call someone. Meet someone (in-person). Get a dog. Get a cat. Eat a meal without picking up your phone. Journal. Google Shakespeare. Look up some motivational quotes. Search "Inspiration" on You Tube. Delete your Facebook account. Delete your Twitter account. Ignore hatred. Ignore anger on the roadway. Stop cheering for others to lose. Own your happiness. Stop cheering for others to be unhappy. Choose success as opposed to living to avoid failure. Set goals, double them and work your ass off until you achieve them. Stop blaming others. Mind your own business. Get out of other peoples business. Reward yourself. Stop waiting for others to deem you fit to be rewarded. Let your heart, mind and spirit drive your motivation. Stop fueling your insecurities.

If you find yourself pursuing something that has already been done, change your path. You will never be genuinely fulfilled by replicating the ideas of others.

Don't Forget to Remember!