Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Water In Hand

At the onset of 2018, I made a few adjustments: more exercise, more sleep, less beer, no Facebook.

So Far So Good!

The unfortunate part of growing old is no matter how many sit ups you do, you're gonna get fat. The wonderful thing about getting old is you learn to accept the things you cannot change.

Old struggles die hard, but you learn that the things you were concerned about fade away (and it's not that hard to let go).

There was a point in my life when my debates within social media devoured my time; understandable for a teenager but not a grown man. It is surprising how much better my life has become when I stopped arguing with people by burning the veil of social media.

Here are a few things that I've learned:

Music cures everything. EVERYTHING should be celebrated. Pals are important, irreplaceable and ever-available. Gossip is for girls. Girls are of the almighty power. Hanging your grief on a single instance is far less important than remembering your life's great achievements. People who act tough are crying for help. Those who tackle their problems usually succeed. Those who ignore elephants usually get sat upon.

In a moment's time, you can no longer hold your daughter's foot in your hand, better have a connection beyond the authoritative. When you least expect it, lessons come to you from people you'd assume unable to inform.

Life's greatest moments are undocumented.

We assume that by being at a desk or in-front of a computer that we are being productive. We tend to think that life can only be celebrated in a black tie. There may be a perception that success in the moment relies upon the outcome of any event.

Time Spent is Time Wasted!
At college orientation, a student asked if she should take the hard classes and get C's or take the easy classes and get A's....

Without missing a beat, the moderator responded:

Take the hard classes and get A's!

People will differentiate those who work hard from those who work smart and advise you figure out how to fit into the latter group.

I would advise that when you figure out how to work smart, you continue to work hard and get 10 times more done!

Looking Into Puddles
You won't regret the games you've lost. You will regret the way you responded to people in their moment of failure. People pledge resistance when they think the world is unfair.... the world is always unfair when looked upon from the eyes of he/she who has lost.

Trophies gather dusk, money can only buy so much, stress is a temporary reaction, and signatures that adorn letters in post-script are mere qualifiers.

Creativity is more important than certification.

Possessions only weigh you down.

If a day passes in which you have not made an effort to improve the life of another.... the day has lost it's Glory!

Be Glorious!

Don't Forget to Remember,