Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It Can Happen

It's been a strange year.......

  • The Presidential election has created bewilderment, dismay and frustration across our United States.  
  • Seems all of our heroes are dying.
  • People who influence ours lives probably shouldn't.
  • Everyone is now a cyber journalist.
So what can we do? 

Ignoring the world around us may calm our spirits temporarily but lack of information can stunt progression.  

We could consume said information with vigor and fight everyone who is less-informed.

Or.... Maybe..... 

Do you genuinely enjoy your job?
Do you surround yourself with people who make you a better human being?
What if you replaced your anger with uncompromising positivity?

It's Not "Just Work"
I remember being caught up in a mundane dispute at work to which my boss finally replied, "it's just a stupid sales job, who cares?"

I care! A Lot! ... and you should too. 

If your career lasts 40 years (which is entirely possible) you will spend 100,000 hours at work. Why spend it doing something you don't like? Or at a company with which you are not morally synchronized? Or working for a boss who does not respect you?

These are the BIG questions that we seldom ponder.... and then we die!

Yes Men (No Ma'am)!
I know people who acquaint themselves with a passive audience to validate the bravado that protects them from success. Those around them will only cheer their belligerence, they will only help fuel self-hatred and mask it as enlightenment. 

I love my wife because she reminds me that I am acting like an idiot when my better judgment takes a nap. A great boss will listen to your concerns but remind you of the task at hand. Even God will show you the err of your ways when you are ignoring life's challenges.

Never Give Up!
In life there are creative people and smart people and people who know how to command a situation. You should strive to master all these things... and commit to work your ass off! Hard work is the only human process that directly correlates to success. 

The people who have learned to work smart learned from the experience of working hard. No one ever went into anything half-ass-ed and created anything worth emulating.

Life is short and fragile and you get to a certain point where you determine what is worth fighting for. Spending your time on anything other than that which you would die for is really just meandering in the waiting room.

Don't Forget to Remember!