Friday, February 28, 2020

2020 - So Far

My post at the onset of 2020 looked out at the year to come with wide-eyed (if not intimidated) anticipation. I'd noted that the turn of the decade along with the over-abundance of new years resolutions seemed like a lot to tackle. But, if the first 8 weeks of this year are an accurate projection of whats ahead.... 2020 may just live up to expectations!

The greatest attribute we have is our ability to take action. Unfortunately, taking action (especially voluntary action) often comes with more criticism than praise. Developing the ability to act without fear of negative reaction is critically important in this age. When we've had experience in our trade and can share what we've learned, our personal journey is converted to shared success. Knowledge not shared is wasted.

I wanted to share a few resources contributed in the year so far. Follow the links below......

Top 10 - Workplace Culture Influencers

Of course it is an honor to be mentioned with Holly Branson and Francine Katsoudas,
what is more impressive is the strategic relevance culture building is gaining. No longer is culture affiliated only with corporate parties; Diversity, Ideation and Leadership Development are all becoming pillars of social participation.

HR Social Hour Podcast

If was a divine pleasure to talk Employee Engagement at the intersection of professional and personal inspiration with Jon Thurmond and Wendy Dailey. This podcast is really gaining popularity within the HR community and beyond. Jon and Wendy have the unique insight of workforce tenure that is layered in with a whole lot of personality and human compassion.... you have to give this a listen!

The Blunder Years Podcast

Ted Bauer has become a really interesting follow. He is transparent and vulnerable while pondering some of life's least comfortable dilemmas. Less workforce discussion and more focus on bigger picture ideologies that move us forward (and hold us back).

Silo Busting

I have to admit I have been astonished by the activity and debate this post has prompted. It seems the old adage of employees leaving bosses, not companies, has never been more prominent. I'm hoping the proposed intervention of HR Leaders and HR Tech hasn't been over-looked.  

Recommended Podcasts:
HR Social Hour
HR Famous
The Blunder Years
Let's Fix Work
Behavioral Grooves
Road Work
All Songs Considered

Recommended Publications:
Everyday People
The Tim Sackett Project

I think we are ineffective in our goal setting because we put too much emphasis on the end game:

- Lose 20 pounds
- Achieve x amount of revenue
- Attain certification

I've found it more realistic to take it day-by-day (10,000 steps, complete a few forms, tell your wife you love her).

With our New Year's Resolutions likely elapsed and the Catholic Lenten Season upon us, lets not put too much pressure on ourselves. Raise a toast if you need to. Take a nap in your car. Rock out. Dance. Don't forget to share it.....

Don't Forget to Remember,


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