Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Without This, Success is Impossible

Every day, we contemplate the best way in which to engage our employees and the metrics to determine the effective nature of the aforementioned.

Should we do a survey, pay for a study or ask an expert for their insight on Best Practices?

We strive to devise a Total Rewards strategy to encompasses fair pay, sufficient flexibility in schedule, a certain amount of perks and some pats on the back to go along with it all..... in hopes that if we pay well and recognize effort, people will love working for us.

This age-old belief system has been disrupted by the fact that each individual is seeking line of vision to professional advancement. More than rewards, people are interested in charting personal progress outside of departmental silos.

The company has a jar full of jelly beans for all to utilize to appreciate one another. If no one cares for jelly beans the jar will go away... because there are better ways to spend money.

Three Things Matter:

What Do YOU Care About?
Personal purpose is more important than any professional goal. If your life is full of love, your professional purpose will be amplified, and failing professionally will have less sting.

Being a workaholic doesn't make you a star performer. There are many people who work long hours just to keep up. The best of the best get more done in less time and require little attention.

What do you really care about:
Vacation with your family?
Rock Shows?

If you neglect yourself of personal fulfillment, all the professional success in the world will not make you happy.

Transparent Ulterior Motives
As a young professional, I was intent on proving that I was right. I was less-concerned with the success of our team and more-intent on proving I had done MY job. No one liked working with me because I was pushy, self-centered and unwilling to allow people to be human on the job. I had no life and I expected my co-workers would hold themselves to similar misguided principals.

I see my younger self in so many people with whom I work these days:

  • Those who wish to prove their worth. 
  • Those who are internally competitive. 
  • Those who are unaware that the only measurement for success is that everyone is equally capable.  

The Calm AFTER the Storm 
The greatest moments in my life are when my heartbeat steadies after a victorious occasion.... The rare occasion when I allow myself to appreciate my life.....

Those few moments when the Merry-Go-Round stops and everything feels right in the world.

With every year, I have more of those moments... not because I am better than I was but because I've allowed myself to accept that victory is an imperfect process.

"...you are still the only thing and everything I need in my life..." 
- Brian Sella

Don't Forget to Remember!


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